Life Getting Back To Normal - Buy More Hand Sanitizing Gel / 购买更多消毒手液!

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Our city is trying to get back to normal after the shut down of the last 2 months.

So I quickly went to the store and bought hand sanitizing gels.

Surprisingly, they are not too expensive.

It comes to less that US$10 for one bottle of 1000 ml.

I will need to put them into smaller bottles so that they become convenient for my family members to use when they go out so that their hands are kept clean all the time.

I notice that we often touch our face a lot.

I believe in this hot weather, we will be touching our faces more so everyone stay safe as all the cities are going back to normal gear.

How are you preparing for the coming days?




我需要将 消毒手液放入较小的瓶子中,以便家人外出时可以方便使用,以便始终保持双手清洁。


Stay safe everyone,

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