Try My Indian Layerred Parotta Recipe / 印度 饼食谱

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Lately I have been making curry chicken with Tumeric powder and the family loves it.

Instead of using rice to go with the curry chicken, I decided to try making those layered Parotta Bread.


They turned out pretty good, doesn't it?

Actually this is about my 5th try and finally I am able to get them fluffing up, getting those layers in.

From now on, I can make them.

All you need is:

  1. 100 g. flour
  2. pinch of salt
  3. little oil
  4. water to mix


There is no yeast or baking powder.


Make sure the dough is smooth and let sit for half an hour.

The trick is to heat up the frying pan and then get the flat dough to pop up and as soon as it is done, use your hands to make them flaking up while they are hot.

My family loves them.






  1. 100 g 面粉
  2. 少许盐
  3. 少油
  4. 水 (足够的水混合面团)




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