My Watercolor: Great Wall of China 我的水彩画:万里长城

in hive-105017 •  2 months ago 

We know of the Great Wall since we were small, and saw it many, many times in books and videos. Then one day, I came to the wall. Actually standing on top of it. It is an exciting moment in life. The old blocks are greyish, and still standing after 2000 years. The only pity is that there are tooooo many tourists, all rushing here and there, and actually wasting their energy in pursuing nothing.理我从小就知道长城,并在书籍和视频中多次看到它。终于有一天,我来到了城墙上。实实际际站在上面。这是人生中激动的时刻。旧灰色的砖块,在2000年后仍保持得不错。唯一可惜的,是有太多的游客,到处乱窜,实际上都是在浪费精力追求着不知道什么。

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