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Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisine but where I live we have very limited choices but when I am craving for some sushi train, I will visit Sushi 100 a few suburbs near me as it is close to the major supermarkets I normally visit. Don’t expect the same sushi you get in Japan but it will certainly satisfy your cravings. This restaurant is very child friendly but I made a quick stop quickly to get a bite myself.

我好愛吃日本餐但我住的地方就沒有什麼日本餐廳選擇所以有時候想吃壽司機會去 Sushi 100 吃. Sushi 100 是在我平常去的的超市附近所以吃完可以再買東西回家. 當然不可以想要在日本吃的一樣水準但如果真的好想吃沒辦法就可以去這家店吃. 今次就是我自己一個去.

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As it is a sushi train, you get your pick from the belt. They do have a separate menu for some entree, dishes or some other sushi/sashimi which is not on the belt. Let’s have a look at the menu.

因為是迴轉壽司,想吃什麼就自己拿但他們都有一個餐牌,可以叫其他東西吃. 先看看一部分餐牌. 如果想要其他壽司其實都可以叫師傅做給你.






I was too hungry and just got a few plates of sushi and quickly ran to the shops to get the shopping done before my lunch break finishes. Note that my visit was just before pre COVID19 but as you can see, most people are pretty well spaced out and enjoying the sushi lunch. Prices isn’t cheap but reasonable for the area and a nice quick stop for a sushi craving!

因為我太肚餓的關係我就好快只了幾樣壽司就趕快到超市買東西. 我去的時候是 COVID19 之前但可以看到其實人不是太多. 價錢方面是中等因為他麼樣對手,只有他們一家迴轉壽司但材料不錯,新鮮.


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animation by @catwomanteresa

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