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Hi Everyone / 大家好,

The yum cha bug is getting to me so I’m sharing another dish I’ve made yesterday I’m craving for so much - Chinese rice noodle rolls. We love this dish in particular with prawn stuffing, the kids can smash a plate by themselves. When I told them I was going to make some at home, they were super excited.

自從做了馬拉糕之後,我開始想在家做其他點心.我們很久沒有吃腸粉所以就想看看有什麼簡單的食譜可以嘗試做一些. 我家兩個小朋友非常愛吃蝦腸,平時在茶樓兩兄弟一整碟都是他們吃的

The ingredients are simple. Nothing fancy or require too many skills to make this great dish. I bought some Vietnamese rice wraps, prawns, soy sauce, sesame oil/ olive oil and shallots for looks. That’s all I needed.



I first get the prawns ready then soften the Vietnamese rice wraps for about 2 minutes in water. Have them laid out on a large round plate ready to have them

先準備蝦然後再準備越南春卷皮. 越南春卷皮只需要放在水中2分鐘就會變軟之後放皮到碟上準備捲起來.

IMG_5868 1.JPG


Place the prawns evenly in one line on the edge of the rice paper and start rolling loosely to allow for a nice soft texture when you steam it. Remember to use in between the rice rolls so they don’t stick together.

然後放蝦在皮上,慢慢卷起來. 不要卷得太緊因為這樣會令到腸粉變得非常硬,要放在蒸盤裡蒸很久. 還有記住放油在上腸粉否則每條腸粉會黏著一起.


Have the steamer ready and put the plate of rice rolls in for around 3-5 minutes. You only need a few minutes as the rice rolls are actually edible before you steam it. Put a bit of soy sauce on it and the dish is ready! Literally a few minutes and you have yummy rice rolls to satisfy the yum cha cravings.

之後放腸粉到蒸籠裡蒸 3至 5分鐘. 蒸完之後放一些豉油和蔥花就可以食. 用了15分鐘時間就已經可以做到非常美味的腸粉,如果在家的你跟我一樣好想食腸粉亦不可以出門買可以用這個方法,簡單而且好味.


IMG_5501 1.JPG

IMG_9207 2.JPG


animation by @catwomanteresa

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Hey.. ure using Vietnamese rice paper...
But, why do you need to steam it before eating?
Usually, I just wet the rice paper with a bit of water or I use the lettuce which I've just washed and allow the water from the lettuce to damp it. After I put in the filling, I just eat it straight away 😆

Yes that is the viet way to use these papers. I’m using it to make the chinese rice noodles which is required hot so rather than make the batter from scratch, I used this as a shortcut

In Malaysia we call that 香港豬腸粉. 😊

Oh yes I saw that term somewhere as well lol