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Hi Everyone,

Another attempt of a new recipe. Since COVID19, I have turned into an adventurous chef and is not afraid to try dishes that seem to be too difficult. This time I decided to cook something my hubby loves a a lot - Chinese Style Braised Pork. Normally we order this dish at the Shanghainese restaurants but due to social distancing, we haven’t been going there so I decided to make it at home and satisfy his cravings.


The recipe I found online was very simple. Ingredients include the following:

在網上看見一個決定的食譜就試試. 今次材料:

3 strips of pork belly - 3 條五花肉
1/4 cup Shaoxing rice wine - 1/4 杯紹興酒
1 tbsp dark soy sauce - 1大湯匙老抽
3 tbsp light soy sauce - 3大湯匙生抽
some star anise - 幾粒八角
1 tsp of five spice powder - 1茶匙五香粉
3 tbsp of sugar - 3大湯匙糖
1 tsp of starch - 1茶匙澱粉
1/2 cup of water- 1/2 水


First I cut the pork belly to small chunks. I made them smaller than the restaurants as I want the kids to easily eat them in one bite. Then cook the meat slowly in a big pan until it is slightly brown.

先將五花切成小粒. 我切的 size 比較細一點因為可以讓小朋友容易吃.之後將肉放在鍋裡慢慢煮


Then add in all the ingredients and bring to boil. Slowly keep on stirring until everything is mixed in together. Then once that is done, change to a low flame for it to slowly simmer.

之後將所有材料放在鍋裡慢慢攪用大火煮一段時間. 5分鐘後就轉成慢火讓肉可以慢慢煮

IMG_1517 1.jpg

Let the pot simmer for 20-25 minutes and stir again and make sure the sauce is thick. Once you feel the sauce is thick enough, you can serve it with rice.

20至25分鐘後再慢慢攪勻而這個時候汁醬會比較濃就可以上碟。 紅燒肉配飯是最佳拍檔,今次老公覺得我做得非常成功.




animation by @catwomanteresa

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😋 😋 😋
That's look yummilicious!
This pandemic has made a lot of creative homecooks all over the world... 😁

totally mama Eliza. and also farmers too hahhaa


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Ohhh!! Was this recipe good?? I just bought the ingredients yesterday to make this dish as well 😄

oooooo let me know how you go. Hubby said my one isn't bad and its so easy to follow


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