"Childhood memory: Mid Night Tails, the love of my life

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I keep wondering what is in the mind of this great individual, when they go all out hosting initiatives like this and giving out great upvotes. Sincerely there quite a few persons on the hive blockchain that means so much to and the best out of the numerous are: @stateofthedapps, @theycallmedan and @hiveangellists.

Thank you very much for your benevolence and love.

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Childhood days are really a memory to keep and sincerely my heart breaks when i hear children and infants dying without having a taste of their childhood. To all our fallen hero's who never had the opportunity to explore life, I pray you a sweet rest in the bosom of Abraham.

Today i will write a little of what i can remember about my childhood days as my entry for the Hive Niaja Best Childhood Initiative.

I grew up in a very nice environment with some very crazy set of guys who were talented in introducing different kinds of adventurous childhood play as they were led by their minds.

We were four guys that formed a group called Ajax. Our team leader was Uduak who is now a professional barber, Edidiong who is now a big business guy, myself and David who is now a professional Automobile Mechanic. If my memories will not fail me, we were the happening guys around. Many other boys in the locality always wanted to associate themselves with us because of our class.


If you are a typical naija guy you go remember that play they used to call police and thief. Chaii! i don miss this one. Nobody did it like we did. We had the best set of arsenals i mean... until the time we started saving cash to buy robber guns, cocoa yams never survived around us because they were the best we had around to give us a good gun. Guys hope you can reckon with this. Like i was not really the ajebuta pikin ooo.

When we were not having more fun just playing with ourselves, we started going on inter-compound wars, we would give them a notification that we will be coming around with our best of guns and that they should prepare and wait for our coming. When we noticed that it seems the effect of the cocoa yam stem gun was not making sense anymore as we were becoming tired of shouting tah tah tah when we shut an enemy, we migrated into using rubber band and paper bullet before we got money to buy rubber guns. Our best material for the bullet were usually condemned cartons. We later built a house house for our guns and other weapons.

The childhood days are just a good time to discover the talents and potentials that are embedded in a child.

It is also a good time to build up the child culturally. Now it was during my childhood days that i learnt the beautiful moonlight tells i know today. It is quite unfortunate that civilization is really stripping us of those moral lessons. The strife for survival in this highly competitive world is now denying our children the bliss of childhood. This times had so much emotions attached to it as we would all gather around my mum she will tell us stories of all the good things that used to happen when they were kids. Now this was the special events that always happen at night that always got me praying that the night would soon come.

So how night was rather a time for heart to heart talk with my mum in a wide open place with the cool breeze touching us. One might think that sleep would take us but sleep was just to far from us, at least not this time of intimacy but this soon end because of the increasing responsibilities of life.

Hmmm! i thinks that is all i can remember for now maybe next time.

Thanks for reading through my blog.


Lols.. this is funny.

Super ufan..... That's all i could remember dear.

it's okay.

@eldecor stuffs like this shouldn't be forgotten in a hurry because you will have to relate it to your great and greatest grand children or have you forgotten that you will be a grandpa one day 😁🤣🤣🤣🤣

Thanks dear i will not forget.

Hahahahaha, ah no fit laff.... chaiiii !! no wonder u dey troublesome for real life 🏃🏃🏃

Hahahahahahaha.... Funny you. I will take it as a complement