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Courtesy of @mistakili

Last week, we had the opportunity to share our plans and ideas about the things we'd do if you were given the chance to be President. It is wishful thinking but at least, it gave us the opportunity to talk about the things we would change and things that need to be improved. There were so many great entries, and we tried to distribute votes to as many entries that came through.

Belemo's Picks

Last week @belemo pledged to support 3 of his favourite entries with 5 Hive each and here they are:




Back to the Matter

This week, we want to talk about the blockchain once again but this time, we would like you to share some of the personal challenges you have had with interacting/using the hive blockchain. Whether it is with Dapps like @3speak, @peakd or maybe it is understanding your key permisions; we would like to hear about them.

A Few Tips

  • Have fun with your post title but for uniformity you may use "My Hive Challenges" and then spice it up to your taste. Also, include #naija and #nigeria as one of your tags
  • Tell us about the issue you had
  • Tell us about how you resolved it if you have or not, perhaps someone might have the solution.
  • Throw in some cool pictures, and feel free to promote any concept that you think will be beneficial for Hive and the larger community
  • I like pidgin English, so if you fit chook small inside, e go give me joy
  • Post your content for the Hive Naija community; people, Peakd people or just use hive-105727 as your first tag if you're using Ecency or any other Dapp
  • If your post has to do with finance, remember to use #leofinance tag to stand a chance of receiving Leo votes


We have two sponsors so far but we're open for more sponsors. If you would like to support this themed discussion, please indicate in the comment section of this post.

  • @belemo will be rewarding three posts that stand out with 5 Hive each
  • @nonsowrites will be rewarding his favourite post/posts with a total of 10 hive

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I like this one already.
Expect an entry from me soon enough.

I appreciate all the hive Naija team for their relentless effort and to @belemo for finding my entry worthy of a pick. Thanks a lot

You're welcome 😁

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I really appreciate all that the hive Naija team is doing.My Sincere gratitude goes to @belemo for finding my entry fit for his pick. I really am grateful.

Thank you sir

I will definitely and passionately submit my entry on this awesome theme cause i think i have many challenges.....

Now this is a great theme yet again which I wish to write on. Keep doing the good work hive naija. I appreciate every one of you for your warm welcome into this community and for making me feel at home. Thanks to the entire team and @belemo for finding my entry worthy of a win. I'm super grateful. I have received my 5hive

Ohhh I love this, I have a back for writing about challenges, lol. I'm totally on it!

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I think this is a great chance to pour out our heart and the challenges we faced or still facing. Thanks Belemo for this opportunity