Monday and B-day for Rambo

Yesterday, after two abortive attempts, Rambo eventually made the Great Trek via the basket to the vet.

He was unhappy before he left and even unhappier when he returned.

I honestly thought he'd leave home for at least 12 hours after a big feed and a drink. He did complete a few perimeter patrols before assuming what has become his usual position. At The Husband's feet and in trip-up mode.

Let's just say that, finally, the deed has been done. Not sure that's forgiveness, but he's clearly decided which side his bread is buttered.

Speaking of which -

Yesterday, my two meals (I no longer eat breakfast) were entirely plant-based. Lunch was carrot and ginger soup, sourdough buns and hummus. I can't get enough of my market pal, Trish's roasted red pepper and beetroot hummus (bartered for a jar of marmalade). This week, it was a trio because the tub included some of her "standard" spicy offering.

Supper was a family favourite: Bombay potatoes and freshly picked spinach dahl served with my chutney and chilli jam.

Speaking of the latter, I am completely out of stock and can't find chillies. Then I heard of people who pulled up and composted flourising, bearing plants and fruit. I kid you not!

I wasn't the only person in that conversation who was more than horrified. As Pixie pointed out, chillies are the easiest fruit to pick, dry and store!!

Anyhow, I digress.

This is a meal that the Husband more than relishes. Actually, he says he loves it and his larger than first, second helping proved the point.

Oh, the leftovers make for an excellent frittata. Watch this space.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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Aww, poor Rambo. Bombay potatoes did you say.. do you have a recipe somewhere here?

Ah, thank you. Rambo's doing much better today and will be fine. I do have the recipe - I shall have to make a plan to share it.

Glad Rambo is doing better. Hope to see your recipe soon. It is always nice to see your home land recipe come back in different versions.

You may have to rename Rambo, as he'll likely stop his rambling ways now that he's been fixed;)
Your food looks deeevine but why no breakfast?
The pc sorted again?
Have a wonderful Tuesday Fiona!

Hahaha! The name was as much for his squonk look as it was for the rambling! I think it's stuck. Even the vet "approved"! He's a much happier kitty today. I do think he's gone walkabout or he's supervising The Husband in the garden because he's not keeping my feet warm!

I started intermittent fasting about 18 months to 2 years ago and breakfast was the "easiest" meal to skip. I feel much better for it and have actually lost, and kept the weight off. Over weekends I have brunch and supper. Because I do really, really, really do like a good breakfast! I was even considering doing melkpap for lunch one day this week!

I should consider it as I'm not a breakfast person, but can I still have my coffee then? Fuuny you're doing this, @positivesteem wrote a blog about intermittent fasting just the other day.
Have a wonderful day Fiona xx

Hey cat how are you... very smile .... good today

@fionasfavourites I have not been eating breakfast for quite some time as I practice intermittent fasting. Hope that all is well with Rambo.

Rambo seems fine now, thank you. I have really benefited from the intermittent fasting.

The Prince of Rambo...
Funny Cat 😍

He's a very funny cat!

He's a very funny cat!

Nice post Fiona. Glad Rambo is better

Things can only get better for Rambo :) I lie the look of the Bombay potatoes to! hint, hint ;)

Indeed. It was a rough few hours with his not being able to get out. We have a bi-directional cat flap, and set it so that once he was in, there was no going out. The entire house and some of my clothes from that day, stank of his agitation and displeasure. And his vocalizations kept waking me up. I am relieved the deed is done as the season is starting. I am sure he'll really settle now.

So, the Bombay potatoes are on the ever growing list...🙂

It will take about a month for his hormone levels to drop so he will probably still wander for now but yes, at least it is done. Sorry about the house and clothes

Ag, ja, nothing a was and clean doesn't deal with. Although he still disappears, he had already turned into quite a home body. Another testosterone-filled, after six and a half, I can do.