The hunt for an exciting new visitor.

The guys with the 4x4 wheel trucks are always amazed when we stop next to them in the heights with our little car.

We saw in the news that a new Raptor bird has arrived in our area for the first time. A "Crested Honey Buzzard" of all things from Europe and he was seen flying around at the top of one of our mountains. I don't know this mountain very well, but I heard that there was a high lookout spot and off we went to see if we could get this bird on camera.
Come ride with us!

This is a photo of the Crested Honey Buzzard that we were hunting with my camera.

No, in the end we didn't get the bird, but I will show you some views during the climb.

Some very high trees halfway up and you can see our little Polo below the trees. We stopped here and asked for directions to the lookout spot.

Some fabulous sights during our way up.

Higher and higher we went and as the road twisted you can see the beauty.

What a place for a picnic right next to the road.

Time to leave the tarred road and some of the climbs were very steep.

This piece of ground on the photo at the bottom was the look out spot and one could see all round.

Finally it was time to return home and such a pity that the bird was not around.

But if you know me, then you will know that I will try my uttermost to get the Crested Honey Buzzard as I have never seen this lovely visitor before. Maybe a once in a lifetime sighting and if I know mother nature, the bird will appear right here in our garden when I don't have my camera.

Here is some more news about the arrival of this bird:

Birders from around the country have descendent on Somerset West following the sighting of a Crested Honey Buzzard for the first time in South Africa


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Thank you kindly for the support my friend.

Cheers and !BEER

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Next time you will get the shot, Zac, I am sure 😄
The landscape looks great - living in a house with such a view oder the farmland and the city would be cool.

Cheers and !BEER

I shall persist Hannes, but the scary thing is that it seems he is gone.
I check the media every day for sightings but nothing yet.

Beautiful views indeed my friend and an ideal place to have a house, but a piece of land in the area starts from 3 million bucks. So we have no chance of ever living there.
We can't even build a shack there as their law states that all residences must conform to set standards.
So, one spends 3 million for the land and another 5 or 6 million to build a house. Some spend much more, mostly foreigners as the exchange rate here is so low.

Cheers and thanks!

That sounds you think the bird has only come for a visit or just for fun? Or he is searching for a new place to live and didn't like it, so he went on to the next country or continent.

Such places are always expensive, much to expensive. It's the same here. Try to buy a house somewhere or near the lake. The house at the lake will cost at least double the price of the other house, if not much more if closer to the water.

Cheers and !BEER

Well, we went out there today at the right time Hannes and the bird was not seen anywhere.
We had a great surpride at the look out spot though as we are not allowed to go up there without a 4X4 and we also found their fees unafordable.

But that did not stop me from taking photos on some of the farms in the area and I think that I got some great bird shots.

Funny thing worlwide my friend, the rich get the best spots, then they fence it off as private property and us commoners are not allowed to take photos of nature at the great spots.
Whenever we drive around with my camera in those areas, as the roads belong to the public, residents that drive past us give us dirty looks, because they can see that we drive in an old car. Sort of like saying what are you doing on my mountain?
Can't you see that I have paid millions here and the mountain belongs to me?
Or, are you scouting to come and see what you can steal?

It makes me sick, but I cannot blame them, as with a lot of money comes a lot of insecurities.

I must say that at times we get some kind people, residents that are taking a walk and we have many interesting chats about nature. One old German gentleman even invited us to visit him, but we didn't, as I took enough photos and we haven't been back there.
You know what I will say here 🤣

Cheers and thanks!

Yep, such is life, my friend 😁

Many rich people think they own the world and they are better than the others.

I wish you a nice evening and a good night 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Oh yeah, they think that the world turns around them until it stops turning Hannes, then their world ends.
But then again, just so it is for all of us and that's why I don't see any discernment among man-made classes.
If only a spirit of gratitude for life could reign, a thankfulness for this brief free gift of life that each of us were given, then things could be so different.
We all breathe the same air and the sun shines on everyone.
They say that the grave of a rich man and a beggar is the same size, exactly 6 foot deep.
I call it the equalizer.

Hope that you guys will also have a good evening.

Cheers and thanks.

Well, I was thinking what I could reply, but you said it all very good and I can only agree, my friend ... I like the equalizer 😁

I have had a long day and now I'm really tired. So I wish you also a nice evening and a good night Zac 😊

Cheers and !BEER

So, a day after I will say have a good Saturday and hopefully a lazy Sunday my friend.

Cheers and thanks!

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I love getting up to such a high vantage point and looking out over such a large terrain! It's wonderful.

We have often heard Hawks (Raptors I guess others call them?) shrilling around but it wasn't something we could find. We got surprised the other day when we saw one up close and personal, with a little snack in his talon to boot! Was a wonderful thing to experience.

Oh yeah, this country has many beautiful wide open spaces.
Raprtors are the elite of the skies and you can Google the famous call of the African Fish Eagle to listen to it. His call can be heard from many kilometers away.
Glad that you actually saw a Raptor up close my friend and it is indeed a great experience.

I recently saw a video where an Eagle swooped down on a fox that was trying to steal it's food and it lifted the fox by it's tail to lift it high and to drop it back back to earth. Poor fox.

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Every week that I play golf close by, I see a bird of prey similar to this one. I think the one at the golf course is maybe the Steppe Buzzard (bruin jakkals voël)? It looks very similar!

Where do you play, at Erinvale?
If it is there, then the bird that you saw could be a juvenile Jackal Buzzard, brownish in color as he has been flying around there lately.

O nope, I play at Stellenbosch. Maybe it's the same type of bird this side of the mountain?

Sorry man, I missed a few.
Yes, it could be as I saw him cross the mountains in that direction and it should take him all of 5 minutes to get there lol.

What an amazing bird and I'm sure you will be relentless hunting it down! Even if you didn't find the Buzzard it sure was a very scenic trip! You live in a beautiful part of the country!

Happy buzzard hunting!

Thank you my friend and you are correct, as the bird is gone. No more sightings reported and were were not allowed entry to the lookout point because we don't have a 4x4 truck.
So, we just cruised the farms in the area and I got many bird shots.