Raven On The Tree Top

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My entry to @nelinoeva’s Feathered Friends contest 👉 Here

Topic this week was suggested by @deerjay


A Raven on top of the odd shaped spruce tree.


Mother Raven on the spruce tree and one of her two babies on a normal shaped spruce tree top. I noticed ravens like to perch high up in the top branches. These ones wait there to get a good view in the morning to see if I put any food outside for them.


The Raven on another spruce tree top.


Cedar Wax Wings like to perch high in the trees.


Blue Jays in the tree tops


All photos are mine

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Hi, Jo! @redheadpei What a great shot of the Raven and baby! I never see them anymore since I moved to Virginia. They were always a fun sight and I have fond memories of my Uncle Lester's cabin in Maine that had a Raven that spoke words. It fascinated me when I was a kid.

The flowering tree is stunning and has a bonus bird in it!

Great shots, way up in the treetops!

Hi Denise. ❤️ Thanks for your lovely comment.

Yes ravens are smart. There’s always a couple hanging around here. I did have one that was friendly and would wait for me to feed him but these ones are aloof. I haven’t heard any words I could distinguish but sure would be something if they started speaking.

I hope their perching is a worthwhile activity for these clever birds Jo. xx

Haha Angie. They are smart little rascals as they know I always put out food.💞

Of course they do, they are very smart to figure this out very quickly. You are very kind. xx

Waxwing on a blossoming tree in the midst of petals, it's just something!👍

Thanks @ratel. The Waxwing is a beauty. I’m always excited to see them stop by.

I've got to start looking up more often and just maybe I'll spot one of those splendid Cedar Wax Wings.
You captured some wonderful pictures of the Raven way up there. I'm not sure if it's a family of Ravens or crows that live in the pine forest about 25 yards from our front door, but whatever they are, they sure are noisy. They seem to be able to change their voice from one call to the next. You would swear that several different types of birds are making those different calls, but it's always the same birds.

Thanks @thebigsweed. I hope you see a Cedar Wax wing.

Some birds are good at mimicking other birds. Th older the bird the more sounds it can mimic.

Wonderful shots of your raven friends! All these birds recognize you as a friend!

Thanks Melinda @melinda010100. I try to help them out.

At the top indeed, beautiful photos you share with us, thank you.

Thanks for stopping by @marito74. I’m happy you liked the photos.🌸

Oh wow Jo!! You not only got a cool Raven but her two Raven babies as well!! Great captures and what can I say about the beautiful Cedar Wax Wings..they are such lovely birds and I love to see them! I don't think I would've spotted the the Blue Jays way up high in those trees but I'm glad you did and got a photo of them! 😊💞

Thanks so much Dee. ❤️ I’m happy you liked the bird photos. The blue Jay’s picture was taken from quite far away and didn’t come out clearly but I thought i would add them. They are the birds that are always here and I couldn’t find a good closeup of them in the top branch.:)

You're very welcome Jo! I'm glad you decide to add them even if they were far away, they were certainly 'top branch' birds! 💕

We have a lot of ravens and crows around - it seems there are more pf them than years ago. I like them, they are intelligent, although they have caught and eaten a few of the blackbird babies that made their first attempts to fly from the nest on our neighbours balcony.
I like this "Cedar Wax Wings" bird, don't think I have seen it before.

!BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :)

It’s a dog eat dog world in the wild. I worry about the little hummingbirds being eaten by the grackles. Luckily the hummers are fast as greased lightning. :)

There’s always a couple ravens keeping an eye on the property. Not so much the crows, I see lots of them along the roadsides.

I don’t think the Wax Wings are in Europe. They are a beautiful bird and like stopping by when the apple trees are in blossom.🌸@johannpiber

Thanks dear Hannes for reblog, generous tip and extra goodies. Much appreciated.🤗

Yep, and you should have heard the parents of the babies who could only watch the crow eating ... don't want to tell more.

I know only a few birds by name, but according to Wikipedia this Cedar Wax Wing bird lives in the USA and Canada only.

All my pleasure, dear Jo 😊

!PIZZA and !BEER - sounds like a nice dinner :)

Awww ..the poor little baby birds. It sounds like a horror movie with the crows devouring them while the parents stood by helplessly.

Yesterday was a nice day and today is suppose to be in high 20’s. Hope your day is wonderful too Dar Hannes.☀️

Yep, if you imagine they were humans it's really a horror movie, but it wasn't nice to see anyway. I looked away, believe me.

We have about or over 30 C every day . It's hot here in the office (we don't have an AC), but I'll ride home in half an hour anyway, and I will sweat under my motorbike gear and the helmet 😅

Apart from the heat everything's fine here and I hope you'll have a great day too, dear Jo 🤗🌞

Unfortunately the !BEER is out as well as all !PIZZA has been eaten, but I hope the
works :)

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Lots of birds like the top branches. Great shots!
Somehow I miss to see ravens here.

Thanks @nelinoeva and for the interesting contest.💞 Ravens and Blue Jays are always hanging around the backyard…mostly to check what food I put out for the birds. :)

Woooow its So Beautiful

Thanks @adeba!🌸

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 64 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix! ❤️