My thoughts are on the biodiversity of nature || Friday experience

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So another Friday came to see and Friday means I have a reason to submit something to this community and I try to share some of my own personal in this community on Friday I hope you like it.

Well look at my picture first then think about what I want to write about I hope I always try to sort my story based on reality as I am a realistic person.20200527_00290301.jpegI'm wondering why he's still sitting there because maybe the sky isn't so good today and it's hard to tell when the rain will come.At the end of the day, the birds have a family just like we have a family, and as a member of the family, it is just as important for my family to provide food for the birds as it is for the birds.
On the one hand, nature is not very good, on the other hand, there is an unknown fear where people have wrapped themselves up from all side.Today everyone is under house arrest. Today the birds are free. There is no one to bother them but a sad thing is that these birds survive by eating the extra food left by the people.
My idea is that maybe he is sitting for food and on the other hand the condition of nature is not very good when the rain comes so he may be in a boring condition so he is sitting and wondering what he will do.
I wish we could live as we live and that humanity is created in us and that we can contribute to the biodiversity of nature so that this attitude is created in all of us and that they also have a good time with their families at the end of the day.
Truth be told, everyone in nature is dependent on everyone, so everyone should have a cooperative attitude towards everyone and they are a big part of nature and they want to survive in nature.

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