Seeing their beauty from afar

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One of the things about this community is that those who are involved in the community always try to write about the biodiversity of nature.Birds are a major part of nature's biodiversity.Since I am a nature lover and I love the biodiversity of nature, I try to write something in this community from time to time.20200506_23550001.jpegToday I have been under house arrest for a long time. Being under house arrest, I am away from many activities and living a very boring life.I think this problem is not only mine but everyone is in house arrest now.

Since I like birds and try a lot of time to take pictures of them from very close but today's picture is a little different. I took pictures of them from far away which means they were flying in the sky.
I think it is beautiful to see birds from so close. I believe that when birds fly in the sky, they also have a different beauty. Well, I have tried to show that beauty to you.
It has been raining heavily for two days and the nature is very clear in the rain for two days but the sky is not clear yet. Just before this evening when I was sitting on the roof of the house I saw a group of birds flying in the sky i have tried to present it to you.Anyway friends this was a small effort today, I tried to give my best, since I can't go out so I did this from a distance, I don't know how it happened but I tried to do better.

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That is a lovely photo of birds in flight. Beautiful clouds, too!
We all will be glad when we can get out of the house again!

thanks for your kind words 😊❤

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