New Rising Star Cards!

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Hive seems like the place for new blockchain games lately. Rising Star is starting to gain popularity among them. I see more and more people posting every day, even in other languages, about their own personal journeys to mega stardom. Here is another chapter in my journey.
Now that I'm finally level 25, the requirement for the second mission in Local Gig Circuit, it's time to buy a new card pack. It's necessary in order to progress because I don't have the 500 fan requirement for the mission yet. So I'm hoping for a high fan card. Here's what I pulled.

new draw.png

I finally got a set of wheels, which will definitely come in handy later on. Much later on. The other two cards are meh... My problem now is that the Ego mechanic has been triggered, because I now have 1000+ fans (thanks to the touring coach). Since I only have 454 skill, my ego is 55%! When I look at my missions, now I only get roughly half the Starbits as a reward! Now I won't be able to farm Starbits from the last Hometown mission as efficiently. It used to give me 1200+ but now I'll only be getting around 600. It will probably be a while before I can buy another pack with Starbits again.
The next order of business was supposed to be to buy a pizza box but now I see the market price has gone up from 5000 to now 8000! Thanks to my purchase of the Mid Range Acoustic I was left with an uneven 500 Starbits in Hive-Engine (as opposed to the minimum 1000 that the game lets you withdraw). So I'm annoyingly 500 Starbits short, 766 Starbits ingame, and only 3% energy remaining.
Woe is me.


Looks like the drunk fans are drunkenly munching your starbits away 😆
You might be able to buy yourself some time by listing a card or 2 for sale (or transferring them to another account). Shoot me a DM when you're around and I could list a pizza box or two for 5000 STARBITS

I love this game! Makes me sad to hear of your earnings dropping - that ego meter hits like a ton of bricks when it hits

Keep rising

Sure I'll dm you on discord. You have the same name there?

Yep - same name and profile image. Pretty sure we're both in Rising Star's discord