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Hello everyone,

here are the results of the SKYROAD.ME trident olympics contest.

In return for the participation, you guys get either HP(x1),EP(x10). Please tell me always in the contest announcement or ingame, what you want. If you want Hive Power, you don't have to do anything. You can find the initial post about the contest here.

UserPoints earnedPrize
elmo1geck228581.67 (50.39%)6.04 HP
76826.91 (16.94%)2.69 HP 27 EP
Almighty_Anubis36853.14 (8.12%)1.81 HP 18 EP
KawaHD33970.9 (7.49%)1.75 HP 17 EP
12098.12 (2.67%)1.27 HP
Fenja079939.49 (2.19%)1.22 HP 12 EP
Zhiqing8902.3 (1.96%)1.2 HP 12 EP
FJ08088134.27 (1.79%)1.18 HP 12 EP
8077.95 (1.78%)1.18 HP
Vaniljtrad7009.24 (1.55%)1.15 HP 12 EP
Mou674934.7 (1.09%)0.11 HP 1 EP
4303.44 (0.95%)0.09 HP
4027.55 (0.89%)0.09 HP
2508.27 (0.55%)0.06 HP 0 EP
vonHDzu4K2182.98 (0.48%)0.05 HP 0 EP
1582.96 (0.35%)0.03 HP
941.73 (0.21%)0.02 HP
LunaHeuler119882.33 (0.19%)0.02 HP 0 EP
676.76 (0.15%)0.01 HP
Jay651526.16 (0.12%)0.01 HP 0 EP
390.03 (0.09%)0.01 HP
WinniederPo260.22 (0.06%)0.01 HP 0 EP
Spyckey33.21 (0.01%)0 HP 0 EP
Total amount453644.34 (100%)

Thank you for participating in the contest!

I will do more of these contests in the future, be sure to follow me to get more updates, if you want.

You have any ideas for other Minecraft based contests? Let me know your unique idea in the comments.

Have a great week. =)

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Das Event war von der Idee her gut. Doof war, dass die Tridents manchmal ins Void gefallen sind und dadurch nicht zurückkamen und dass die Blöcke mit dem großen Punkten immer schnell weg waren. Sonst aber gelungen.

Ja, man könnte die Blöcke langsam erscheinen lassen, anstelle alle zu resetten, damit das fairer ist. Wobei das auch die Umsetzung erschwert.

Geiler modus

Freut mich, dass dir der Modus gefallen hat. 👍

war ein cooles event