Beside tree play house

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This another one those shots on a client's property. You could notice this tree immediately you drive in. It is big a spread out beautifully. It feels like there is some catalyst in me that just couldn't wait to take out my phone for shots whenever I see something I like. Monetizing photography on Hive is just so much fun.


I like the little play house constructed beside the tree, must have been quite a work with trimming and measuring. The branch adding support to the floor of the play house is a cool idea to trim it for that purpose.


The guys on the farms or plots always gets creative with their garden and it is something I admire a lot. Off to anther site now hopefully I get something beautiful to attract my attention for capturing.


We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

Image by @doze


The play house is a nice addition. I hope it's easy to climb.

I missed the steps to climb in the play house there is a ladder constructed to it on the other side of the tree as well.

Alright, was just wondering about that

Thanks for the comment bro, much appreciated 🙂


That's a nice tree and a nice little tree thanks for sharing 👍🏾

Thanks bro 🙂


how are you dear friend @joetunex good afternoon
What beautiful photographs you show us, how many hours of fun you open in it. Without a doubt, monetizing photographs is a huge fun
have a wonderful night

🙂 I guess it is as long as the kids wants to play in it. Thanks my friend wishing you a great day.

Until now I have not met a child who does not want to play or have a little house in the tree at home
I appreciate very much that you have taught us dear friend @joetunex
Sweet dreams