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Image created by @justclickindiva utilizing Nvidia GauGAN


This week I wanted to try to perfect the drawing of animals. @steemean provided us with the color of the palette for a sheep and a horse. The theme would be a farm that included those animals. Also, I wanted to include some background images of the farm and mountain.

It turned out really well as it looks like the animals are happily grazing on the farm.

I wanted to include in this drawing clouds to give it some depth in the sky portion. Then I added some shallow mountains. I also wanted to include a small stream where the animals could drink.

I created this drawing using using the software, Nvidia GauGAN. The software generates photorealistic imagery from basic brush strokes. You can add various elements, i.e. buildings, grounds, landscape, and plants with the tools provided. The program takes your basic drawing strokes and apply them to a blank canvas.

Below is the image of my basic brush strokes for the farm and animals.

Image created by @justclickindiva utilizing Nvidia GauGAN

Once you've finished your brush strokes and apply your various background filters and effects, the program then creates a drawing based upon those brush strokes from its massive inventory.

You can then download your finished images. Remember to save your brush strokes and each image your produce before moving to the next filter and effects.

Below are a few of my backgrounds and filters.








Let me know what you think about the Gaugan IA program and my attempt at producing digital art.


Below are my Nvidia Gaugan Contest Entries. *denotes winners

Week 16Week 41Week xWeek x
Week 17Week 42Week xWeek x
Week 18Week 43Week xWeek x
Week 19Week 44Week xWeek x
Week 20Week 45Week xWeek x
Week 21Week 46Week xWeek x
Week 22Week 47Week xWeek x
Week 23Week 48Week xWeek x
Week 24*Week 49Week xWeek x
Week 25Week 50Week xWeek x
Week 26*Week 51Week xWeek x
Week 27*Week 52Week xWeek x
Week 28*Week 53Week xWeek x
Week 29*Week 54Week xWeek x
Week 30*Week 55Week xWeek x
Week 31Week 56Week xWeek x
Week 32*Week 57Week xWeek x
Week 33*Week 58Week xWeek x
Week 34*Week 59Week xWeek x
*Week 35*Week 60Week xWeek x
Week 36*Week 61Week xWeek x
Week 37*Week 62Week xWeek x
Week 38Week 63Week xWeek x
*Week 39*Week 64Week xWeek x
Week 40Week 65Week xWeek x


The Gaugan IA Contest on Hive

Make Art with Artificial Intelligence (AI)



What is Nvidia GauGANIt is an interactive Artificial Intelligence (AI) drawing program where you create art from basic brush strokes.
Who created the contest?@steemean utilizing the hashtag #gaugan
What type of contest is it?This a Contest for 10 weeks and rounds. Post till Sunday every week.
What are the rules?1. Go to Nvidia Gaugan here:
2. Create and publish only one original draw and the paintings made by AI Gaugan with different effects.
3. The posts must have the tag #gaugan, and if you want the tag #contest;
4. The tag #gaugan must be put until the fourth position to show on Hive;
5. It would be a great idea to link back to the contest post so others may find it should they wish to join;
What do you win?Prizes vary, so check @steemean's contest blog;
PLUS, all the author rewards of the week's contest post;
Contest owner's vote for 5 posts made by the winner - (2,100 SP)
DeadlineThe deadline for the contest is 11:45 PM - Western European Time (WET) every Sunday.

It’s a contest where anyone can win! So, if you didn’t join in this week with your AI drawing, how about participating next week!

@flaxz initiative @iamalivechalleng : (Created a post for my blog this day)



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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The animation looks great, excellent work!

I love your job. It is getting much better every time. I would love to make animals too.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 41 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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