Why do we go to church

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So many believers has a wrong concept about going to church, some go to church as a religion, it order to fulfilled all righteousness i must go to church, or today is Sunday everybody is going to church,let me join them, some see it as a healing home, some feel that righteousness is prove in going to church.


It important for every believer to defined why they go to church, because when purpose is not defined, abuse is inevitable.

Everything is possible with God, miracles are believers birth right, healing the bible says is the children bread, but all these things are not the bases of going to church, they are natural with the believer.

Now the big question is: WHY DO WE GO TO CHURCH?

The very essence of the believers going to church is to fellowship, and identify with other believers in Christ, because it is in fellowship that you strengthen your faith to grow stronger.

Scripture says do not neglect the fellowship of the believer, because when you are in fellowship you grow light around yourself, and when you are not always in fellowship you grow darkness around yourself.

Church is a place we go to learn Christ, for how shall they know except they be taught, when you are in church, you will be able to understand the word of God that you are taught.

Just as human part cannot function in isolation, the different member of the body of Christ cannot function effectively on their own, this is because, God gave difference gift and calling to the member of the church for all to benefit, therefore going to church enable us to bless and edify other believers with our different gift.

So brethren it is important to defined why you go to church as a believer, the main reason you to church is for your faith to be strengthen, not for material things first, so every Sunday morning you go to church, go with this mindset, forget about all other stuff he know about them, and he will difinitely takes care of them all for you.

In the first places, the church is not even about the structure, you are the real church, every other thing can actually flows from you,
Jesus speaking in Mathew 16:18 says Upon this rock i will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it.

Walk in this consciousness of who you are, and don't forget the assembly of the believers.

Stay blessed, keep engaging my blog.

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