Why Judas betrayed Christ

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Just as it beats human imagination why Peter, one of the dearest disciples of Jesus could deny the master, so is the case of Judas, be that as it may, it was Judas who was entrusted with the master's money who finally handed over the master to chief priests.


The reason of Judas action as will be listed, if properly dealt with, will enhance a believer's successful service to God.

  • Judas was the odd man out, all of Christ disciple except Judas came from Galilee, when you see yourself always standing out in your decisions and actions, you are not far from betraying the master, therefore for us to work together band win together, there must be a team spirit.

  • Judas was jealous of the honour and glory that was on Jesus life, you must genuinely be happy about your leaders success and achievement, otherwise you betray him..(matt 26 :6-15)

  • Judas refuse to check and dealt with is character of stealing before joining the disciples fold, those who betray their master are those who are not genuinely being born again, Judas was never born again.

  • Judas was never watchful, so Satan had access into him..(Luke 22:3-4)
    The association of Judas with the chief priests initiated the entrance of the devil into Judas heart. Be careful of the company you keep.

  • Judas was too familiar with Jesus (John 18:2)
    When you are to familiar with your master, you no more the glory of your master, you now see him as ordinary man.

  • Judas loved money (1Timothy 6:10)
    When you are a lover of money, you will certainly betray your master, Bible says that the love money is the root of all evil.

To mention but a few, these are the reason why Judas betrayed Christ, and as a believer who serving God , you must take time to deal with all these in your life render successful service to God.


Stay blessed, keep engaging my blog.

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