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God is the mastermind of all things in this world, and as humans who were created the sixth day, there are so many things that remain a deep mystery and unknown to us as human being and no matter how we try to find and investigate them, they still remain unknown. For instance, lets examine some deep mystery that are unknown

  1. The sun and the moon shine at their own time but how do they give chances to one another to shine, where does the moon stay when the sun is shinning and where does the sun stays when the moon comes out? Its an unknown deep mystery.

  2. The earth has been in existence for many century, people keep building houses, factory and luxuries but how does the land keep expanding? Mystery unkown.

  1. The grass on the ground, no matter how u cut them, it still never stop growing, why? Mystery unknown.

  2. The hair on human head, armpit and the body generally grows but no matter how you cut them, they still grow again, how possible is this? Mystery unknown.

  1. Where does tomorrow always come from? Mystery unknown.

  2. The beach, lake, river, spring water never dries no matter how the sun shine, where do they spring from?

  1. The word that proceed out of our mouth, where do they come from?

  2. The chicken and the egg exist but which of the two was created first, if it is the chicken, who laid the egg that turn to that chicken and if it is the egg, which chicken laid it? Mystery unknown.

  3. How does a baby survive in its mothers womb for nine month? Mystery unknown.

  1. How does water enter into the coconut? Mystery unknown.

All of the above and many more mystery existed and no matter how we tend to search for the answer, we can never find it. God still remain supreme as HE is the only one that has answer to all this unknown mystery.

Thanks for reading.


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