Serving the Church With Your Skill

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Romans 12:6; In his grace, God has given us gifts to do certain things well, so if you have been given the gift of prophesy speak out with as much faith as you have been given.

We all have different roles to play in the church, and it is for this reason that God in his infinite wisdom and grace has gifted us with diversified talents, skill, abilities etc that we may edify the church and help our fellows grow in grace and in strength. It is pertinent that we do not hide our gifts or talents rather let them shine.

It is the for this same reason why we as Christians were compared to the salt, that should we loss our taste we become useless. If we our not using our gifts then what is the purpose for which we were given then. We also like the lighted candle, we ought to put on a table to shine before men that they may see the glory in us.

So do not think that if you are not prophesying or seeing visions, or hearing the voice of God directly you are not gifted. Playing keyboard is a gift, singing is a gift, preaching is a gift. Understand your gift and use it to glorify the Lord.


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