I love you babe

in HeartChurch2 months ago

When I see you it's Just as if magnet get notice of iron

I don't ever want to let you go even when you must

Only you can complete me babe

I promised to love you till the end but it's an understatement


I would rather love you in a different way

You are wonderful

I never seen a lady that understands like you do

I are different. Just not like others

You are full of Wonder, both real life and online

The only lady I know that is stronger than a giant man

Very hardworking and not depending

Only you give me reason to love again

If I loose you, I would never forgive myself

Closer and closer I wanna move to you

Your beauty is in your heart ♥ but only the responsible man can see it

Been a long time I have feel this way

You called back my feelings with your rare character


You are like a dream come true

It look like a movie how I fall in love

Now the love shine like a star 🌟

Why haven't I meet you since I was 17?

Why did it take much time for you to come to me?

What I love in you isn't your look, it's your way

Your heart is as pure as snow ❄

This love ain't a forced one I used to have

I love you right from the deep of my heart

I love you for you and not for anything

Only if destiny denies this relationship you won't be mine

I pray the heaven smile at us

I love you Babe

Source; I love you Adaeze


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