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  • “I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.”

Power is thereby released for the finale of the Kingdom establishment project! I believe as the Kingdom of God incrementally enlarges, an unusual outpouring of creative vitality would cause the world to marvel at a creative breadth never before witnessed.

This outpouring of God’s Spirit of course incorporates colossal amounts of imaginative vitalities. As the deluge of rare creative fibre pours forth, the Spirit divulges deep, unknown and unknowable things to men to seize advantage of uncommon knowledge and aptitude.

We are witnessed to profuse evidence and actions occurring in line with forecasts of the two prophecies. Events all around affirm the outpouring of God’s Spirit has reached an unparalleled flow.

Observe what transpires in human affairs at this juncture: tiny-scale and substantial revolutions are stirring everywhere. Scholars are rethinking longstanding hypotheses and theories.

The orthodoxies of yesteryears are today proven outmoded as seekers scour the scape for the perfect solution. Knowledge is literally bursting at the seams.

With this realization, I delved to search out the raison d’etre of my clutch of skills. Because as a Christian believer I crave to accomplish the purpose of my birth and play a role for the Lord’s house to become “established on top of the mountains”. Later, I grasped the thread as the Lord who knows the end from the beginning revealed a connection, and how to harness the linkage, to enrich the Body of Christ in due season.

The day I sat before a writing desk, my creative potential and spiritual gifts converged, meshing neatly.

Maybe you have not arrived at the threshold of discovery of your life’s purpose? Perhaps you are in a quandary about your purpose and the place of your recondite potential in it? Or you are clueless about the place of your flair and imaginative verve?

Or you have out of exasperation wrapped your potential inside dormancy of doldrums, consigning your presence to the backstage of life, out of faulty choice? If your reply to all these queries is a resounding YES, permit me to share what insights my own encounter yielded.

Moreover, if you yearn to be more for the Lord by your untapped or nascent creativity, then welcome to discovery!

This write-up is for those who seek to achieve purpose, public ministry and creative potential with spanking success. It is addressed to everyone LIVING FOR PURPOSE. Of course, successful Christian Living requires only those who are not shy of the hard graft of toil. Exploding Potential is intended for those poised to charge headlong into life-changing action.

Furthermore, I expect every congregation of Christian believers has a niche it must bring about in unraveling prophecies. At the very least, the household of faith should create room for gaps out of inertia or ignorance.

Can you imagine what we as believers could accomplish if we attain full status of the congruence of our combined potentialities and gifts? The Church will then become unstoppable.

The Christian Church therefore, as a matter of necessity, must excel in skills building, education and training. As a spiritual nursery, the Church needs to pour sustained investments into cultivation (and effectual channeling) of membership aptitudes and vitalities. In community development terms, this would be described as “building social capital”.

The overall objective should be to amass a pliable pool of refined talents as the Church embarks on its ultimate task for the close of the Age. The overarching aim of Exploding Potential, all things considered, is to complement the human capital growth of the Church.

As a corollary, I wish to comment in advance on some examples cited in this book. The citations by no means infer approbation. Neither are these examples prescriptive. They rather draw attention to insights and underlying principles.

My intention is for the reader to grasp invaluable insights, and then go ahead to act upon personal convictions as rooted in the Lord and guided by the Word.

Recall the parable Jesus shared about the unjust steward. The Master concluded the same parable by saying,

  • “And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely; for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light”. (Lk 16:8).

It turns out Jesus did not judge the steward, but enunciated his tact. I use these examples cited in similar manner.

I encourage you to read in order to experience liberation, and then ACT decisively to MANIFEST before the full glare of creation.


You're right: It's good to educate ourselves to find valid principles and then to live those principles.
What do you think about the lockdown?

Lockdown is anti economic progress but God is bigger than the big.

People who rule us claim we have an invisible enemy. i have a curiosity:
What's the proof for our invisible enemy?

Do you believe in God? Do you believe also there are enemies of the great God? Those stand against his laws. Do you know that the invisible rules the world. Do you believe that there are good and bad? You do know these two are in opposite? The bible is the source of information about evil and right. God is righteous in love, but Satan hates the righteousness of God. He made himself enemy of God and good.
I give you one example from the scriptures. Matthew 13:24-25

24 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like(B) a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.

Look around you and consider the things that happen. God is righteous and greater man in his image and likeness. He made his creation in ORDER and also made MAN to keep the order.
This violence disorder we witness today was inspires by the enemy of God and man. Satan has in his subtle nature led man to join his evil ways and are causing the evils of all times. It takes the Spirit of God to understand the things of the spirit.

i'm not saying that things we don't see don't exist.
Somehow they identified our enemy, otherwise they would not talk about it.
My curiosity is this:
How did they identify our enemy?

An enemy is one who causes you pain and misery.

However, every time we suffer at the hands of men, we have to remember that behind the men of flesh Satan and his dark powers are there directing. Please read the book of Ephesians 6:12

People who rule us imposed measures that reduce our freedom because they claim we have a deadly virus.
What's the proof for our deadly virus?

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