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There are times in life when you feel you have reached the end of the road and you discover that your strength just can’t keep you going any more. There are times when your ideas seem to have failed and you have done all you know to do and you don’t really seem to be making a headway. At such times, men find it easy to give up.

This is a time when many will choose to go their own way and others will go for what they consider as alternative routes to what they know to be their divinely appointed path in life. Simply because it is difficult to obtain does not mean that it is not of God. God never promised that it’s going to be rosy all the way; what He only promised is that in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Christ Who loved us and gave Himself for us.

The Israelites found themselves in a very precarious situation after the spies returned from spying the Promised Land. According to the majority report; there was nothing on ground, neither was there anything of their preparation that could give them the land. As obvious as it was; Joshua and Caleb who were among those who went to spy out the land, chose to look beyond themselves and what they had on ground.

They sought to hinge their expectation on the eagerness of God to take them into the Land. They sought to hook unto the purpose of God in bringing them thus far. These two men knew that God had not brought them that far to let them down. In the midst of the threat of entering the Promised Land which seemed so obvious; they chose to uphold the purpose of God for their lives and His willingness to take them into the Promised Land.

IMAGE: www.keepinspiring.me

There comes a time in life’s pursuits, when nothing seems to work and your best efforts don’t seem to produce any meaningful result. At such times; you will just have to rely on God to accomplish His good purposes concerning you. You know that if anything will have to work out; it will have to be only God. It is no longer what you feel; because, the situation looks so impossible. You are banking on what you know He has spoken; and because you know He cannot fail, you know very assuredly that God will put you over.

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@praise-eu We must always fight to overcome obstacles and finally climb to the highest summit that the Almighty God brings us.

I agree with you. Thanks.