A Song I Wrote: Lord I Give You Praise

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One of the things that moves God to act is praises. Prayers move mountains but praises move God. God loves to be praised and that's what we should do more often as Christians. When we praise God, it shows that we are grateful and appreciative and it causes God to do more.

Sometimes ago in 2019, while I came back from an evening service in church, I started recounting on the goodness of God in my life and family and it led me to penning that this song. You might not hear me sing me sing it but you just pay attention to the lyrics of the song.

Amazing are the things you do for me
Looking back O Lord, I don't deserve
You are always there for me any time I call
And your mercies O Lord
There are new each day

So Iift my hands to you
I lift my voice to you
I give you the praise you deserve

*Your love for Dear Lord, I can't fathom
You gave your life that I may live
You give me strength when I am weak
And your plans for me are for my good
So I lift my hands to you
I lift my voice to you
I give you the praise you deserve

God deserves our praise and one of our major reasons for our existence is to praise God. It was the ability of David to live a life of praise to God that made him a man after God's heart. Let nothing whatsoever stop you from praising God. Praise is what we should do and we should do it as unto the Lord.

God bless you.


Wow @tomlee didn't see this coming, so you are even good at song writing too.
Wow wower wowest😜😀😂
Thumbs up man, you win✌✌✌

You never cease to amaze me😃