Do You Have a Dream?

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What is a Dream?
A dream is what you see, anticipate desire, believe, imagine and/or pursue with respect to your future and tomorrow. Destiny on the other hand is your purpose in life. Why were you born and what are you living for?


Fulfilling your destiny is your contribution and value to life. While dstiny is God's purpose for your life, dream is what you see in your mind about your life. It's what you think that you can become. It usually comes when you watch humanity encounter a problem and you wish you could be able to solve it. Dreams are not born out of selfish desires. They are born out of a strong passion to take one's family, community, or generation to another level.

It is necessary that we have good and great dreams; it is what gives our lives directions. Your dream and the actualization of it is what could save many in the near future. Joseph had a dream and it was the actualization of his dream that saved a whole nation and his father's house from destruction.

Not all dreams come to materialization. There are good dreams and there are bad dreams. Any dream with bad and selfish motives, God will not suppport. For God to back up your dreams and make it come to pass, it has to be borne out of love for humanity and not just for selfish desires. Watch what you are dreaming for.

Also to note is that, the percularity of your dream determines how significant your life will be. Martin Luther King is remembered today because of his dream of freedom of the black race; Mary Slessor is remembered because of her fight to stop the killing of twins and many others. Do you have any outstanding passion for something that looks bigger than you and whose center is love and service to others? That's what is called a dream. And such dreams is what God wants us to have and not dreaming of oppressing others.

With reference to Joseph, every destiny journey starts with a DREAM. This was the case of Joseph, his destiny journey started with a dream. There won't be any seriousness about fulfilling a great destiny without a DREAM. Dreams propels you and gives you motivation in life.

So, what is your dream? Or what are your dreams? Are there of good motives?

To go far in life, to do exploits and create impacts, you need to have a dream and note, if it your dreams doesn't scare you then it is not a dream. Don't just have a dream, have a good and great dream.

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For one to succeed in life, one needs to have a dream they are pursuing so they don't end every year not doing. Our dreams most times can be short term or long term but when we have a dream we are focused on it helps us not to be distratced by what isn't our dream.

Nice write up.

So, what is your dream?