The Issue of Faith

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People talk about faith alot these days but only a few really knows how faith works. There are also many misconceptions about faith. It is important that we know what faith is and how faith works. Do you know you can overcome every challenge of life by faith?

What is Faith?
The Bible in Hebrews 11:1 defines faith;

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith means absolute trust and believe in God to do anything at anytime. We see that faith is active. Faith is now; it is not in the past. Faith is also evidential, tangible and substantial. Every good report in the Bible was a product of faith.

Faith is very important in that it is the principal factor that determines every man's status and position in life. All you will ever be in life will be a function of faith. Salvation, healing, victory all comes through faith. So, if you lack faith in God, you are doomed.

We need to know that the only way to get or obtain anything from God is through faith alone. God says that "without faith, it is impossible to please HIM." See why it is important to have faith? And not just having faith, you grow your faith.

One of the things that moves God to act is your faith in Him. Imagine two people who ask God for a thing, one has faith and believes answer will come whereas the other just asked carelessly having doubts in his heart. Definitely, the one who placed faith in action will see a move of God in his life.

To live a successful and fruitful Christian life, you need to be a person of faith. If you want breakthrough in business, academics or career, it can only be by faith. There is no Christianity without faith; take away faith and Christianity dies. This makes faith the foundation of Christian.

If you were very weak in faith before now, you need to build your faith because you need faith to scale in your life. Challenges of life will come at one time or the other, hardships may come but you need faith to overcome these things. When you operate in faith, your beauty as a Christian is seen.

God bless you.

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Working with faith begins in our minds