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Camera:f/20 ISO100 live composite mode.
Olympus OM-D E-M1.12-40mm f/2.8 Pro.
Tools: Maglite flashlite, keychain flashlight,table. mirror. Liquid light.

Hi HIVE! Added new drawings!
In this case, I used two reflective surfaces - a table and a mirror. As you can see, not one, but two reflections are obtained, which gives a more complex picture.

I have a table with a fairly reflective surface. I decided to try what happens if I draw with reflection. Making movements with a flashlight along the edge of the table, it turns out to create excellent drawings. Fantasy is not limited by anything. In addition, pictures can be viewed from any side and each time it will be a different picture.
I also used a mirror for some drawings.
You can see the creation video on my facebook page.

Full immersion.


Behind the scene.


Olympus Live composite mode is good because you immediately see the result on the screen and this makes it possible to add the missing elements or stop shooting if you did something wrong without waiting for the entire picture to be executed.

About Light Painting:

Light painting is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera, or by moving the camera itself during exposure. Nothing is added or removed in post processing.
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Very good!!
Be careful to not break the mirror!!...or maybe it could be interesting to see the reflection created by a cracked mirror :)
Have you ever tried it?
!discovery 25

Thank! I won’t specially beat)) A bad omen to look in a broken mirror)) I'll wait until it crack))

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