Winter lightpating.

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It's pretty cold to shoot in winter, especially for a model) And a serious test for technology.

Frozen heart.
Canon EOS M F/4.5 ISO100 65sec.
Tools: Acrylic rod, red LED flashlight.

Strange forest.
Canon EOS M F/4.5 ISO100 101sec.
Tools: Acrylic rod. RGB Ledlenser flashlight.

Canon EOS M F/4.5 ISO100 101sec.
Tools: Acrylic rod.

About Light Painting:

Light painting is a long exposure technique with moving different light sources in front of the lens. You can also highlight objects or move the camera itself.

Olympus Live composite mode is good because you immediately see the result on the screen and this makes it possible to add the missing elements or stop shooting if you did something wrong without waiting for the entire picture to be executed.

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