Blast from the past - WRC Rally Australia 2006

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Hi, friends!

World Rally Championship should always has this rally on its calendar because it is special in every way. Surface of it is gravel that looks like a marbles and it is really tough to find a grip for the first rally cars which are also known as a cleaners.

Francois Delecour had two terrible accidents as a road opener or cleaner and when drove for Mitsubishi, he crashed out into the forest with around 160km/h. Engine was on the middle of the road and the car on the side. That's how big this impact was.

His co-driver Daniel Grataloup was lifted to the hospital with injuries and I don0t remember that he started any rally after that accident.

Season 2006 was nothing special to be honest. Only two works teams stayed in the sport - Subaru and Ford while Citroen took sabatical for that season but gave Kronos Racing from Belgium to run their cars.

Te rest you can see from the video. Enjoy...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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