Katsuta tested with Toyota ahead of WRC Rally Monza 2020

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Hi, friends!

Young Toyota protege Takamoto Katsuta from Japan is gaining experience in the last few seasons but I must admit that I didn't expect some results from this guy and he made me change my mind.

He is quick and it is good that Japan has their own driver because Toyota is Japanese team with headquarters in Finland.

Last Japanese driver that I remember good was Toshi Arai who drove for Subaru 20 years ago. He had some top 6 finishes and that was in time when there was a far better competition then today.

There is another surprise because Katsuta is driving really fast on tarmac also. O knew that he is fast on fast and flowing gravel special stages but this is something new to see him fast on tarmac.

I guess he needs some practice and what better could it be then to drive a Monza Rally where two days will be held on the racing track and Saturday will be held on the mountain roads from around the Monza.

No one knows about the plans from Toyota about Kasuta and the nest season but I guess he will be in the team because of the Japanese connection.

Lat the best win in Monza - as always...

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