Onboard rally video of the day - Colin McRae and Subaru Impreza at RAC Rally

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Hi, friends!

Thirteen years has passed from tragic accident of Colin McRae but rallying world can't forget their hero. He was probably the best promoter of the sport from it's beginning of rallying.

His best results came with Subaru and Ford but Subaru and Prodrive gave him a car to win the championship in 1995.

Citroen season was a joke, waste of time, but he earned a lot from that deal. But that was his last full season deal because after that season 2003, he lost his seat in WRC. That was a shame but every driver has to leave the top of the sport after some time.

Colin did good for the sport and that counts.

Sometimes I think that if Sainz didn't have that shoulder injury, Colin wouldn't win that championship.

Watch this video of Colin and Subaru from the woods of RAC Rally GB. Enjoy...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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