Onboard rally video of the day - Hirvonen with Citroen DS3 WRC at Rally Finland

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Mikko Hrvonen never won World Rally Championship crown and he maybe retired too soon although he still had speed at that moment. The thing is that he finished his professional career with M-Sport WRC team and they were private team at that moment with Ford's sponsorship at that moment.

I mean, with that car that wasn't bad at all he couldn't win anything but he scored three podiums which was cool result.

Season before he was at Citroen and the wins were missing also. No wins at this two last seasons of his WRC career didn't have good result on his confidence so that was probably the reason why he quit so early.

Well, to retire at 34 from WRC driving is not that easy decision but he saw he can't win anymore and then he stopped.

Today we have his onboard from season with Citroen and the rally in from FInland.

We can't forget his great co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen who still co-drives for one of the drivers from M-Sport Ford WRC team.

Watch and learn...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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