Subaru to come back into WRC in 2022?!

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Hi, friends!

There is a rumor that Subaru, who won lots of World Rally Championship, could be back at the top of the sport from season 2022 when the hybrid technology will be introduced into the rallying world.

I mean, I didn't even know in first part of nineties that Subaru exist at all. I never heard for that brand until I found about Colin McRae at the end of 1992 when watching season review at Screensport (Eurosport today) and McRae's off into the forest when he cut two trees with his Subaru Legacy.

The rest is history. He won WRC title in 1995 but they did much more in the manufacturer's championships where they were unbeatable.

So rumors say that they are developing the small car in cooperation with Toyota, who are back in WRC from 2017, and that car should be Subaru Viziv model which should be introduced before sport's outings.

Every new manufacturer is welcomed into the sport. Just to remind you that they pulled the plug from the sport in 2008 due the big economical crises that year but to be honest, their last win was three years before that so they were not that successful in these last seasons present in the sport.

Let it be the best...

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