Tanak won WRC Rally Estonia 2020

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Hi, friends!

As expected and I already said yesterday that it would be a miracle if anyone else would win the Estonian WRC event then their local and current WRC champion Ott Tanak. And he did it. Their massive support helped him for sure and it is ok by me that locals are proud of their drivers. That boost can't be described that easily.

When you look at soccer/football stadiums and it is no the same team with or without audience. You just need that boost to help you under pressure.

Well, if someone is World Rally Champion, then it is quite normal that you can handle pressure in any kind of situation.

What is also strange is that Neuville lost every point he could grab this weekend. Before last special stage called Power Stage his engine started to give up so they called him from the team to retire there and to save the engine from the further damage.

Ogier drove clever for points and in the end finished 3rd overall. He has another gravel rally in Turkey to open the road and to sweep/clear for the rest of the pack. Just to remind you that when the road is cleared of small gravel, the grip is much higher for the crews down the starting order.

Breen had really good rally and finished 2nd overall matching his best result if Finland 2016.

Evans finished 4th for Toyota and now he is in the 2nd place on WRC points table, just nine points behind Ogier.

We are waiting for WRC Rally Turkey which is just around the corner..

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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Great attitude from crew at @minnowsupport :)

Grab a beer and enjoy!