WRC Rally Turkey to go one week earlier then planned

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Hi, friends!

First international rally after coronavirus pandemic, Rally di Roma Capitale, showed whole world that it is possible to organize a big event despite problems with virus problems. It's not easy but life goes on and that's probably the best way we should think forward.

After so many cancelled rallies all around the world, some new names popped up and we are talking about Ypres Rally and Rally Estonia.

But there was only one question about Ypres Rally in Belgium. Works teams asked FIA and WRC promoter to move date of Rally Turkey one week earlier then before. The reason is purely logistical because of all equipment that has to be moved from Turkey o Belgium in time.

From what I heard today, it is still not official but WRC Rally Turkey agreed to go one week earlier and it should be held on September 18-20.

Let it be what's best for health and sport...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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Great attitude from crew at @minnowsupport :)

Grab a beer and enjoy!



Finally, even more good news from the world of rallying. Here's hoping that it'll be a good, and most importantly, safe one!

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of course!