Urban garden update, green onions, basil, green beans and snap peas!

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About two months ago I made a post for the quarantine challenge and in that post I talked about creating a small urban garden!

Remember these?

Probably my biggest success so far, super easy to grow and I have been harvesting as they get tall for salads and they just keep going! I kind of wish I had started more, I love green onions in everything.

My basil that I rooted for store bought (and already cut!) basil is going super well also!

I have been pruning it and adding basil to everything!

I had started sprouting some snap peas, tomatoes, green beans and spianch last month in these egg cartons:

DO NOT DO THIS! Although almost everything survived and transplanted well the roots had grown into and through the cartons so it was a pain and I was afraid I broke the roots! The green beans and snap peas have been transplanted and seem very happy:

The tomatoes are also sprouting well but have not been transplanted fully but I did move them to a plastic tray so I don't have that root issue again:

The spinach was one of the first things to sprout but theres only one remaining, the rest have died off. Not sure if maybe they got too much sun so I am starting another batch on the back balcony where it's more shady!

So far I'm pretty excited with what I've been able to grow in a small space!

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May Dear Leader bless this incredible bounty from nature.

I am so excited to read you are trying out gardening. Sometimes coincidences are surprising... we rented a garden in April as we have no balcony nor anything were we can grow plants or sit in the summer. I am now learning so much (but not enough) about planting... right now my plant patch is more a dinner table for snails and bunnies....
Your rised beds look very professional (not that I have a clue about them) and your plants are growing amazingly. I hope you will get a lot of harvest :-D
I am so curious how you will proceed.
A yeah to gardening 🌈🎉

The photos were helpful, because growing things takes time, but it's so rewarding to see them go from nothing to something.

Yeah the photos are great for motivation, now that it's warm I see things growing really quickly almost overnight, it's awesome! I just need to keep the squirrels away lol

Congratulations :) isn't it the most satisfying feeling to see self planted seeds are growing? I've harvested my first salad yesterday. Basil is still little, I guess it's not so warm here...

It is very satisfying :D It's crazy only a few weeks ago here we had sprinkles of snow and today it was almost 30 C, it's like we skipped the spring and went straight to summer

Happy little plants! Grow!

Good idea for a mini garden. I think everyone should try to do this if they have the space for it and don't have pets around that could destroy them.

Being self-sufficient is the best way to beat hunger especially with the situation the world is having. Tried planting sweet-potato tops here in our backyard too. Thanks for reminding the community. Would like to see more from your yard.


Ahh so jelly :D These look amazing!!
My last year's basil dried up and so far its seeds haven't sprouted. I might just end up buying a plant on the market eventually, pity since I have so many seeds :O