🌕Taking the Kids Night Fishing🐟


A bright
cloudless night
with the moon shining bright
full in all it's splendor was quite the darkened sight

First landing was the dragon princess
beaming gleaming in her braces
gave the fish a little kiss for
future untold wishes


Next big fella
with a bigger kinda swella
grin on his melon
with a keeper show and tella

on to three more
as the night bore
us twilight and showed
us where the angler is at the core


The teacher is the student
and pupil less he be prudent
learning from the youth in
ways to capture the movements

though the young and eager one
caught nothing still had fun
seeing daddy showing them how its done
and feeding them for a lifetime to come

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Oh lucky you getting the fish, what a sight.
The only thing I get are mosquito bites.

A little bumpy, little lumpy, do they make you want to itch?
It's cuz you're so sweet, so unique and a sexy little biscuit. Ha! untitled.gif

Thank you for the mention. I appreciate that.


Totally just ate a box of Raisinets too.

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When the pimp daddy heads out to angle the night, you go with him!

You make pimpin look easy man!


Delicioso pescado. A esa hora pueda pescar un rico sueño hasta la mañana siguiente.

Saludos a la princesa, presumiendo de su dote de pescadora.

Te felicito por tu poema, eres un cracks xD


Ahahaahaha lol.

Looks like you guys had a fun time doing some night fishing during the Full Buck Moon! @enginewitty

Nice bass! Surprised no catfish were biting though 🎣🌕🐟

Oh they were, just not what we were after😉

That makes sense! While fun to catch, catfish are a bitch to unhook with those sharp spines on their fins that always manage to jab the angler, and they are entirely too much work to clean in my opinion. Bass, crappie and sunfish for me!

Have a great hump day! @enginewitty