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Hey brother @mondoshawan.

I'm a rebel with a cause.

I'm sitting in my bedroom on my homestead in Bulgaria, with garden beds prepared outside waiting for the plant people growing in pots in my warm bedroom. They will move outside when the last frost has gone. It snowed again today though, so that is not yet.

I'm also online a lot, busy learning and writing to help those long awaited changes come into reality.

Please take a look. A few samples here (i did just send you a message with two of these links on Discord, but decide to take a look to see if you were #aliveonHive :-)

New Age DApps Community where most of my #savetheworld work is posted:
but some particularly informative ones here:

And a challenge in the making to help get things moving:

Your feedback/engagement either here or in the comments in those links would be VERY much appreciated.



Thanks for your enthusiasm and excellent work in progress. For my part I still try to get my head around all this and that, to answer you to this important subject... for now the only really weak point in all this are the internet connections and the electricity needed.

So the day this matrix will be online working and the power who shouldn't be doesn't like it, the ISP's (directed by the same PWSnB) will switch you off like that... the one thing happening already with many sites. Or the power grid is killed off. What then?

I'm not yet far enough in the text of your documents, where you may have already thought about that, with some possible solutions. To me it's what has me thinking since a couple of years now... So if we want to use a system like matrix-8 to me we have first of all, to solve this weakness of the grid.

I gonna keep reading and updating when ever I find some valuable points for input. Thanks for all your work.

rEvolution is always ahead

Truth, not to mention the creation of the electricity, the infrastructure, the doodads, (not to mention disposal of) and the effects of said on the biome... (Plus the emf pollution 🤢)

I guess those could all be fixed in time if the mindset changes though.

The mindset will change once the brainwashing lies are stopped and brainwashing truth replaces them.

We need to be very well organised to be able to implement this (imo). And that the plan with Matrix-8

Yeah I checked that out the other day, it does sound like a great idea.

Thank you for engaging.
Fire inside me is raging.
Secure internet first task
With Matrix-8 to make it last.


Matrix-8 shall start small
Yet open to all.
As we build one by one
Begin to get things done.

A network will form
As the baby is born.
Strong will it grow
Adult before they know.

Grid workers too
Are just me and you.
When it's time to fight
We will unite.

We use VPN
Deep in our den.
Whatever they do
Our light will shine through.