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RE: Rebels Are Not Online

in Free Your Mind7 months ago (edited)

Go ahead sharing your precious thoughts. I very much appreciate it. I would disagree, however, that people living their own lives in a somewhat more holistic fashion is exactly what it needs. One after the other turning their heads from what's already provided to explore what it is they themselves could personally provide for all of us. It's a slow learning process about each and everyone's individual trades and offers, or isn't it? I'd take those people you mentioned as role models or pioneers.

Something else: I love the picture, scene, and setting. Looks like a place where I could hang out for hours, discussing society over some big fat doobies and some exquisite tunes. :) Chill on, dude!


One is All! We all share the same consciousness. IMHO, when i take them as a role model or pioneer, i abandoned myself and the possibility to get to my full potential.
To continue this discussion in the above set frame, with doobies and all... anytime my friend! 😊