Love, The Vicious Motivator | Red Pill Psychology Series Pt-1

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Being in a relationship is like entering the Matrix world, everything's just some simulations. In all those relationships I have to follow the programmed predestined path. In this illusion, everything seems possible and there is a feeling like only just the two of us is living in this world. Even if it's an illusion, I liked it.

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In that world everything is romantic. Each word I hear is romantic. For my eyes, everything is more beautiful than it really is. All the pleasures are there, so it's like a wonderland. But in the backstage, everything will be messed up. The other important people in my life go far away from me. They are not part of my life anymore.

This fantasy world had some addictive factors which always kept me inside the loops. I always feared the pleasure I'm going to lose when I break the barrier of the matrix and get out of it. I don't know what was in her mind but I was addicted to the world. It's not just about her, it's more about the vibe she shares in my world.

Why Love is just related to the red colour. I think it's needed to be blue. In the Matrix movie, Neo gets the option to choose between the red and blue pill. Red pill is the one which's gonna get you out of the illusion and reveals the unpleasant truth. Blue pill is the one which is just about ignorance.

The relationship is like taking the blue pill, ignoring the whole world and living inside the illusion. The only goal after taking the pill is to be with the one I love. The way to get out of the world is complete awareness of the surroundings, but who wants that when you get all the pleasures in this fantasy world.

Love is one of the purest feelings in the world, it's the one which stands above anything. So I can't say it's just some stupid thing, but this relationship rules made by society is just working in the opposite direction. Love is unconditional, it's not locking down one's freedom. It's about being freer, the real love sets you free. So when I fell in that love I am not locked inside.

This time it will be just like taking the red pill. It opens the world of reality. Maybe this all will be some stupid philosophies. I still believe, whatever that puts a barrier to one's freedom isn't love. It will be just another stupidity this world created.


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One word. "It's Complicated."
Oh!! wait that is two. Three if you break the Its into It is.
(Focus inuke)

In all those relationships I have to follow the programmed predestined path.

I am finding it difficult to put the right word to describe this post. I loved the post.

Thanks, Brother. These thoughts were in my head for a while, I tried to put it as best I can. It feels great to know you loved it.

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The growing belief is we create our own reality and so then we should stick with the blue pill shouldn't we. I adore the matrix movies but Neo did not improve the matrix, he reset it. Outside of the matrix was suffering and fear, within the matrix was order and security. The fed the matrix and it fed you. You feed love and it feeds you. I think perhaps we are just not so good at moving on and letting go of a matrix that needs resetting.

Here's resetting the matrix from time to time.

Yeah, we are not good at moving on and letting go. But taking the red pill and being more aware may help us to understand the origin of emotions and other reflexes.