#!$%!$##$!# I give up for today! @$%@$^@$&

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Sigh... some days are just not meant to happen in the way that you expect! The day began fairly nicely... with a slow start, but I had to get the girls ready for a birthday party. However, due to the fact that our electric bike was in the repair shop (worn brakes...) and would need to be picked up later in the day, my wife had taken the car for doing her teaching rounds.

That meant that I had to schlep around withe bakfiets to get the older girl to a birthday party. Well... at least it has an electric motor, or my day would have been much worse than it turned out.

Anyway, the weather always turns bad the moment that you step outside... and today was no different. I figure I had my run of luck earlier in the week, when it was pouring when I was teaching... and it would stop just in time for the bike rides in between! However, today... there was no luck for me.

40 minutes of riding in the light rain to get to the birthday party.... and it was windy as well, and freezing! Thankfully, the girls were in the bike tent... so they were nice and warm. Meanwhile, I was perched behind... dressed in rain gear... so not wet at least! But freezing!

.... and 40 minutes back! Dropping by to pick up the electric bike from the shop... which I chained up outside the bike shop to pick up later. However, when I put my hands into the saddle bag to get the chain lock... I discovered that my wife had decided to store a banana in there... for several days at least!

It was lucky that we had the bike serviced... it was making funny noises when braking, and I ended up walking it to the bike shop yesterday. The disc brake pads were worn through... so, it could have been quite dangerous to keep riding them!

Anyway... made it back home to drop off my younger daughter at a neighbour's house so that I could walk back to the bike shop.... and off course, the heavens open up again and dump water on me! Making it to the bike repair shop... I get the electric bike and bring it home, just in time to find that the rain has run dry the moment I get off the bike!

Time to get my oldest daughter from the party after lunch... and luckily, our neighbours offered to keep the youngest child until I got back. So, back on the bakfiets... and this time, the water just dumped down! So... I'm lucky that I'm in rain gear.. so I'm not drenched at least, but just cold!

Getting both girls back home... I finally brew myself a coffee and put them in front of a tablet so that I can just zone out for the first time today! I sit down to start writing a review on Total War: Warhammer... and then I just knock the full coffee mug into the keyboard! Luckily, it isn't my laptop... just my wired desktop keyboard. However, after drying it all out and cleaning the desk... I find that the keyboard is just useless. Non-responsive keys and other keys that are doing quite a bit more than they should! Hitting the spacebar would open a crazy amount of tabs!

So... I'm giving up for the day! I'm finishing this cranky post... I've ordered a new keyboard (Logitech K740... a nice one!) and I will do the game review tomorrow... when the Universe has had enough of toying around with me and has moved onto harassing someone else!

What else could go wrong?

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