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Hello to all you #hivers out there, today i'm continuing with a challenge initiated by @tegoshei  the 30-Day Blogging Challenge It's a daily blog challenge that has subjects to follow so here's my entry #15.

Well that's come around quickly, already at the halfway point. So the topic today is a embarrassing story, I don't embarrass easily but I have had a few moments in my time.

Some years back I was a surfboard manufacturer with a small factory, the wife Koz had a unit next door where we made protective bags for the boards. Being right next to each other was convenient as one product sold the other. We supplied products nationally but always kept a factory outlet shop at the front of Koz's unit for the local market and tourist's to be able to make walk in purchases or custom orders.


A great benefit on slow days was we could hang out over a coffee and at lunch time we could pop inside and enjoy our lunch in peace.

On this day I was busy shaping surfboards while Koz was working away in her factory, we had planned to work the morning have lunch then close up shop for the day to go surfing, my work done I dusted off locked up and made my way round to Koz's unit.

me shape2.JPG

The boardbag company was essentially one large room dominated by a giant table with sewing machines dotted around it. Now I don't know what got into me that day but instead of lunch I was feeling a little amorous and lunch was the last thing on my mind, with a little coaxing from me we found ourselves under the machine table getting into a bit of hanky panky.

stitching-2 (2).jpg

So there we were doing our thing when in the throws of passion we heard the nervous call "hello is there anyone in here"? Yes i'm right in there I thought to myself. Holy shit I forgot to lock the door.

We stopped what we were doing in the hope he would leave but again "hello I want to make a order" nervous giggles started to come from under the table and our attempt to pretend there was nobody there was lost. This guy wasn't going to leave.

In what was a awkward moment we fixed our clothing and crawled out from under the table, somewhat sweaty and red faced. I think it was at this point he realized what he had walked into, odd looks went back and forth for a minute and once we had gathered our thoughts we attempted to be professional and business like.

"What can we do for you mate" we asked "I need a bag for a 6'8" board" we explained that for a board that size we would recommend a 6'10" bag. "no worries" he replies "why don't we make it 7 foot a couple of inches extra is always handy" then laughed, cheeky bugger is taking the piss I thought to myself.

Order made he finally left, all of us feeling slightly weirded out by the event, by far the strangest moment I have ever had in sales, we were rolling around with laughter once he was gone.

So guys and gals if you are going to have a bit of lunchtime nookie make sure you lock the bloody door before you hit your stride.

I can't remember if we made it to the beach for a surf that afternoon, for some reason it's not my overriding memory of the day.

Well that's my embarrassing story, what's yours? Until we meet again stay safe folks!

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haha I think I remember you mentioning this before over a few beers. Quality comedy 😃

Aye it were proper funny, why the guy didn't fuck off and come back later is beyond me.

I remember hearing this story 😂
Still made me chuckle reading it and picturing the situation.

I hope you're not picturing me with my trousers around my ankles.

I wasn't but then you had to say it, didn't you??? .... Lol

And now you have a image in your mind that you can't get rid of😂🤣

I remember this story....oh no!!! Please take away this mental picture in my head lol

haha it's the only embarrassing story I could think of, just think of fluffy cats the image will disapear

Hahahaha 😂

Ohh my!!! 🤭🤭🤭 The guy must've felt embarrassed as well. hahaha xD

He had his clothes on believe me it was worse for us🤣😂🤣

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Welp, lesson learned... ALWAYS lock the door! ;)

Unless you like a audience:)

I like the story, really made me smile☺, I think its not the same if it was Filipinos who did it, the embarassment would be more intense😊.

I'm not sure who was more embarrassed us or him:)