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RE: Making Peace 🧘 With Being Stranded In Suriname 😌

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Wow dude, you're having a shocking time. I had no idea that yo were stuck there I guessed it was your plan to be there. I really hope that you manage to turn things around for you and your family.
It makes our stuck in the Philippines with no work seem trivial, keep your chin up dude and the positive vibes going, life's a long song and there's many more verses to come. Peace bro.

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Well, we came here intentionally, but didn't get stuck intentionally. Suriname was simply the easiest and cheapest place we could escape Ecuador before becoming illegal immigrants.

I always wanted to give our daughters international experience, so they understand the psyche of western cultures. They now have that, and that's priceless.

Even if we return to Cambodia and never go abroad again, the family will be able to work with foreign tourists in Cambodia with so much more confidence and understanding.

So many Cambodians speak really good English and work with tourists all day long, but because they've never seen western life, they don't know what a western tourist expects.

A lot of good will come out of this experience, I know that. Thanks for the encouraging words @biggypauls.


I'm sure in time this will become a part of life's long journey and things will come good. I wish you all the best dude.

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Thanks :)