THE STRESS OF MOVING HOME: Back to the old house.

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It has been said that buying or moving home can be one of the most stressful things you can do over the last few days I have put this to the test.

Like all of us we have been living through testing times, compared to many we have got off lightly, no virus infection or more fatal out comes but still one of the longest lock downs on the planet has taken it's toll.

Back in early February we decided to upgrade our standard of living, life was bubbling along nicely work was plentiful so after 18 months of living in a basic property we made the move to a larger apartment, on the sea front with stunning views a pool and even a tennis court.

This is the life.


At this time we had started to hear about a virus in China, although not too far from the Philippines at this point it seemed nothing to worry about.

Contract signed we agreed to move into the new place on the 14 of February, come moving day the situation had changed, the media were reporting that 3 cases of this virus we now knew as covid 19 were on the island, still 3 cases seemed nothing too alarming. We busied ourselves with the move and over a couple of days got settled in, life seemed great.

12 days later things took a major turn, reports were saying this thing was going to go global and as with many countries the Philippines took the decision to go into lock down. How quickly things changed, almost over night everything started to close down, restrictions on movement were put in place and a mass scramble of tourists trying to leave the country started.

Out of bounds.

home1 (3).JPG

We were ill prepared for what would happen over the following weeks, within our new home the communal areas were closed down, no BBQ, no pool and no guests allowed. Outside our property things tightened up, most shops closed and only supermarkets were open for essential items. On the work front things started to slow down as no new tourists were coming in and within a couple of weeks the dive centre was ordered to close.

Closed for business.


No more of this for a while.

vista (2).jpg

Over the next few months life became a challenge, stuck in our house with little to do, food supplies at the shops dwindled and boredom set in. The only saving grace was that I had recently joined #hive and this gave me something to sink my mind into, I think I would possibly have gone mad without it, there's only so much TV you can watch.

So, 6 months in we have had to make a difficult decision, with no income and any savings we have disappearing a effort to cut our outgoings had to happen. We contacted our previous landlord and he said that we could have our old place back on the same terms, this meant a 50% saving on our rent. Of course this came with a loss to our new found lifestyle, no more stunning view or swimming pool.

Time to make the move.


With the help of my friend Mark affectionately known as the transporter we ferried our belongings to the "new old house". Along with running a bunch of stuff on our motorcycles.

Time to unload.


Home sweet old home.


All that's left is to unpack and set up the cooker. It's a weird feeling being back here, although familiar it's difficult to adjust to our surroundings. We had got very comfortable at the other place and had a good social network of neighbors. Here we feel slightly isolated and simple things like internet don't work well, minor things but they seem somewhat amplified at the moment. I'm sure over time we will get used to the change.

So, was it stressful? To be honest the move was pretty simple but the whole packing up cleaning and unpacking was a ball ache. The most stressful part is the uncertainty for the future, we currently cannot leave the Philippines and go back to the UK which could be a option, at least there I can work. Problem is our flights keep getting cancelled, another issue we have is that our passports run out in January so we need to find a way to deal with that problem.

How life turns out will be a matter of waiting to see if things start to ease up, there currently seems to be very little light at the end of the tunnel, keeping positive and the mind active is the best way of staying sane.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post, until next time stay safe folks!


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Thanks much appreciated.

@biggypauls, Definitely we are going through from the Testing Times. Hope that wherever you are moving that place will bring lot of Peace and Protection for you and your family. Stay blessed always.

They say moving house can raise the same sorts of stress levels as a death of someone close to you, a family member....Not the same feelings, just the same stresses. I believe this relates to selling, buying then moving...But I also think simply moving house is a pretty stressful time on occasions. Planning is the key.

Not much planning happened here throw it in the truck and sort out the mess the other end. Not happy about moving but it's the best thing for the bank balance.
If things don't change soon we are probably going to make a move back to the UK if we can find a way.
Feels like we are flogging a dead horse at the moment, a move to the UK will put some cash in our pockets and give us a chance to reset and think about the next step in our lives.

I figured planning might have not been quite as strategic as one would have liked. Lol.

Yeah, I know what you're saying man...It's odd times...Do what you can to make what you want to happen, happen...Have a fall-back...That's about all anyone can do these days.

Here's to moving in an eclectic and anti-strategic manner...And to not having to go back to the UK unless you want to.

P.s. This girl is toasting your move to a new premises.

Where do you keep finding these bits of footage of my mum!!!
I'm cool with going to the UK to reset just don't want to get stuck there for too long.
I thrive on the life changes but I know the UK too well, need to keep exploring while I can, i'm not getting any younger:)

Where do you keep finding these bits of footage of my mum!!!

The G-dog has his sources. (I like your mum...This particular version of her.)

I guess we all have to look at options and try to make the best decisions we can with what we have to work with. It's all shit at the moment...Maybe a quick flap of the wings back to Old Blighty is a good move for a while...Regroup and redeploy later? You'll come up with the right answer. You might not be getting any younger, but that oldish noggin of your's still works.

Aye with age comes wisdom, sometime hitting the reset button is no bad thing.
Iv'e been through some changes in life and whatever happens i'll make the most of it.
The main thing is the wife she wants to carry on teaching diving, that said we may take a few months out and do a bike trip but the timing is not good with europe heading towards colder times. Whatever we do we will make the most of it.

Is there any support coming in from the UK for people stranded overseas?

Not a sausage, we have flights but they keep getting knocked on a month at a time. We have been given the 16 September as the next possible.
If that doesn't happen we will try dumping them flights at a loss and look at alternative routes.

You should email the Queen directly and state your case.

Hopefully those flights come good - not sure what else is out there.

There's a few flights via Korea and Qatar i'll see if Cathay Pacific can get me back via Hong Kong in September if not i'll explore other avenues.

Good luck - there are lots of cancellations still ongoing. My wife and I are waiting for refunds for tickets meant for April still.

That's why we have stuck with the flights we booked a year ago but the constant re scheduling is becoming a pain. So, it may end up making more sense to buy another flight we know is leaving and chase the refund on existing tickets.

At some point, they have to let you go home.

We'll get there in the end.

I think a dinner at JG's is in order now we can't pop over the driveway for G&Ts 😖

Seems like a plan, go for the local experience, of course you know your luck they'll start singing Karaoke.


Haha, not heard it playing at all I think they've knocked it on the head.

thank Odin the All father

This read was both comforting in that someone else is going through similar circumstances and heartbreaking as i feel your frustration and pain. I am following you from now on to see how life turns out for you. This coronavirus has made tragedy to nearly everyone's lives.

Yes it's been a total ball ache but these things are sent to test us.

Yeah I feel that is what I'm going through right now too. Tests and self discovery and transformation as I learn to deal with the sudden changes happening in everybody's lives. The lesson for me is overcoming anxiety and finding personal joy in life regardless of my situation.

I just checked out the rest of your channel. You're now one of my favourite bloggers here on Hive. Loved the cuttlefish video especially at the end. Pretty neat. Diving has been one of my life dreams. I'm a fledgling at it as I've mostly dived in Hawaii, Belize, Mexico and just recently in Vanuatu. But the Philippines has always been on my bucket list. The visiya islands around Cebu has some of the best diving anywhere. Thanks shot of the whale shark you got. Also on my bucket list someday.

Thanks for the great posts you do!

This area is pretty amazing, the whale shark was a long time coming, I had been diving 20 years before I saw my first one. Since then I have had many sightings in the Philippines.
I did a little film of the Whale shark a couple of days back give it a look, stunning.

I am on my way to go see the whale shark vid you made. One day I hope to make one myself. Thanks for the heads up on it!

No worries enjoy! Your day will come:)