THRIVEONHIVE; Let's take this to the next level

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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

Hive is not simply a blockchain - it is a decision, a mindset and a like minded community that shares in the growth of such.


These are my five...


(What Hive offers you as an individual)

Hive has been a great outlet for my love of photography, mostly underwater shots but occasionally I snap the odd photo on dry land. Going public with my work has helped me take things to a new level, with so many quality authors within the platform I have received useful input and learned new techniques.

Photos aside I have found the true sense of community inspiring, so many people from different walks of life working together to build something bigger than the individual.

Underwater love

nemo1 212.jpg


(How Hive is different to other social media and blogging platforms)

I have never been big on social media, in fact the only platform I have ever used was Instagram. Since signing up for hive that has become a thing of the past, the reward of a little red heart❤️ and constant adverts were never going to cut the mustard for me.

I have to be honest and say that the chance of crypto rewards for posting is what attracted me to hive but since coming on board the community aspect is what has kept me going, especially through the recent challenging times we have all been dealing with.


(People & spaces you find Hive support and gain enthusiasm from)

The support network on hive has been amazing, from early on some of the most experienced users popped up offering all sorts of useful advice. @slobberchops was my first real help, via comments he would help me learn my way around the platform, often I would go to him with my lack of understanding and he patiently walked me through whatever issue I was having.

@galenkp has been instrumental in getting me to engage more, he’s a real chatterbox and down to earth guy as is his brother @tarazkp, he’s a real wordsmith, writing in a way that many of us could only dream of.

Other names that deserve a mention @ackhoo always around with nice comments, @smallearth thanks for the foot up with delegation and votes, @daveks @brianhphotos @stevevc @golinknackers @michealb @ybanezkim26 of course @jaynie with her love of tips and so many others who have helped me along the way.

Of course the big boys should get a mention, it is nice when on occasion you get a visit from a whale, the sizeable vote power they carry is a massive boost to your progress so a big thanks to @darthknight @upmewhale @rocky1 @appreciator and @trafalgar to mention a few.

The true secret though is to develop a strong following with quality posts that keep other members of the community interested in your content, many small votes add up quickly.

A sense of community, we all need friends!




(The front ends / dapps of your choice and why)

My front end of choice is, I have no strong reason for this other than it’s the one I set up when hive was launched. I have looked at and used occasionally peakd but as yet have not switched. I like the basic simplicity of so for now this will be my home.

Recently I have started to explore video, with some clunky attempts at editing, I have a lot to learn in this department but having fun doing so. For this I have been using #3speak which is a great dapp and is well supported by the likes of @theycallmedan.


(My final thoughts & conclusion)

So, to sum up my thoughts on #hive, it’s a brilliant outlet for creative writers and talented photographers. From fiction, poetry, tech support, to news, humour and the sense of community it has it all.

This thing has legs and over time will continue to build, to put it simply the #hiveisalive



(Tag 5 people to join in on the fun!)

Here I have a difficult choice, many of the folk I would have put forward for this initiative have already been called out, so who's left is the question. Let's try a mix of big and small.

@stevevc @slobberchops @ackhoo @thedarthknight @nickyhavey

Let’s see what these guys and gals have to say!



1)Create your own selfie with the tag #THRIVEONHIVE - similar to the headers you have seen.

2)Copy the same post format and insert your OWN feedback and insight under the relevant headings.

3)Tag 5 people to join in!

4)If you are on Twitter... share your post using the tags #thriveonhive #powerhousecreatives #hiveisalive #hive

  1. Use the following tags on your post: thriveonhive, powerhousecreatives, hive (additional tags up to you)

It only took me two days to get here.... but better late than never eh?! haha! So thrilled to have you get involved in this initiative and what an awesome contribution.... thank you!!!!

Love you "who's"

@galenkp has been instrumental in getting me to engage more, he’s a real chatterbox and down to earth guy as is his brother @tarazkp, he’s a real wordsmith, writing in a way that many of us could only dream of.

ABSOLUTELY on both counts and as for @slobberchops.... he is very good at keeping me on my toes haha!!!

Thanks again for being a part of this. Also awesome to have you in our server now too! !tip

If you are looking to join a great interactive & supportive #HIVE community on discord that encompasses ALL content genres but isn't just a massive sea of spammers and plagiarists... then come and join us in the Power House Creatives Server

They are all a great bunch of geezers, @tarazkp and @galenkp have helped me realize how much engagement helps, it's outside of my comfort zone as generally I am famous for being a grumpy old bastard but these guys are great to chat to.
@slobberchops really was my go to when I took the leap and joined this community, he's a nice bloke and a music lover so what's not to like there.
I'll do my best to get on the discord more often even if it is to be a grouchy old shit:)
Again thanks for your help and the tip, missed your music post this week but for sure i'll get back into the fold now i'm a bit more settled in the new house, Stay safe :)

Thanks mate, much appreciated and am really pleased I've inspired you to get a little more engagey on the platform. I don't spend much time in discord, only in a very, very small group chat of 3 other people...Other than that my chatter is here on-chain as I . think that's the best place for it on a social network But I'm sure your grouchiness is best off-chain though. :) Have a good weekend.

All good fella, I think I tend to agree that via comments on the chain is the best place, that said i'm going to poke around on discord and see whats going on..

I lasted about 10 minutes when I poked around on Discord...You may last longer. All those long lineal comment threads where if you're too slow the conversation moves on, and someone new pops into the chat and changes the subject...Yeah, not for me. Good luck.

Yup that's how I found it so far, I need a bit of time to absorb shit and think of a response, after all i'm not the sharpest tool in the box.

Lol...Yep, I figured you'd say that, and that you'll get sick of it quickly.

Don't worry about being sharp mate...Us experienced cobbers apply skill and technique, makes even a blunt tool effective. 🤔

I like to think i'm effective with my blunt tool, haha
You set them up i'll knock them down:)

Grumpy old bastards can engage here too haha.... in fact we have plenty of them around here LOL!!!! It is what gives the place character hey! ;)

My pleasure! As for the music post - I have not published today yet... been too busy reading and responding to #thriveonhive posts... it is next up on my agenda for the evening... but first... WINE!

As for @tarazkp, @galenkp and @slobbberchops - adding @meesterboom to that equation... are some of my FAVOURITE blogs to read!

Amazing writers each and every one of them, all with a fantastic sense of humour and best of all they are so REAL! I like REAL! :)

Have to say @meesterboom has some stunning wordsmithery. Enough said about the others don't want to inflate their ego's too much:)
Careful with the wine, myself and @scubahead spent the evening at the dive centre supping a few stubbies, while the wife joined @millycf1976 for a glass of wine, I came home to find the wife "Koz" asleep in the street after failing to tackle the lock on the gate, I think she may have had more than one glass, i'm gutted I didn't get a photo:)

hahahaha!!!! I think she definitely maybe could have had more than one glass lol!!!!! Don't worry about me... I am a seasoned winey :D haha!!! - It is mandatory here in Cape Town lol

I laughed my ass off when I got home, oh well she's got work in the morning not me, haha.

ooooh ouch!! lol :D poor woman!!!

Teaching diving, not too taxing, a quick dunk in the ocean will straighten her head:)

Aww shucks Jaynie. 😘

pfff - don't get all mushy now... I'll go get some needles :D hahaha!!!

Lol...And you know how I like a good needling!

uhuh yip lol! :D

I will double that Aw shuck! Cheers lass! :O)

hahaha!!! Only been luffing you since June 2017 :D Cheers to you too! Whatcha drinking tonight?

Normally I am on the red tonight but it's the Good Lady's turn to do the kids bedtimes so I am on the beer! Hurrah! You on the wine?

You know boring 'ol me haha!!! Well cheers nonetheless!!! :D

Raar!! It's never boring! Cheers!!

Thanks @jaynie (head gets bigger.. about to explode) ;)

LOL!!! omg thats gonna be a gory post.... who's gonna write it?! I nominate @meesterboom... because he knows how to tell it like it is lol!

Depends which head we are talking about ;O)

oi fok... didn't think that one all the way through :D HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! I disappoint myself sometimes lol

Perhaps not!! Lol!

If I don't comment so much, its just the time factor.., nothing personal!

Aye I get that, the main thing was early doors when I asked a few questions you answered which was a great help.
I'm not much of a chatter box myself but like you if someone asks something I reply and as a newbie I found many didn't.
Cheers dude.

I'm glad you found your feet. It can go horribly wrong here if you don't know what to do. I try and guide new people until they are good to go.

Cheers fella, i'm getting the hang of it slowly. It's just a game of perseverance and understanding your audience.

Awwweee! Thank you for the mention! Seems I'm included in the big names. I'm just a small fry here. Haha

Hey were all little fish in a big pond really, haha, So many names to mention but you had to get a mention as you do a lot to support many of my friends here in Cebu.

Well written man! Hive is the PERFECT outlet for creative people!
Cheers and enjoy your day!

Thanks, i'm not the most articulate but hope it came across well.

It has been great to see you consistently provide high quality content.

Having spent a lot of time in the Philippines it is nice to see your view.

And remember you stick with me any in 5 years you will be wearing horse turds the size of diamonds 💎


Cheers bud, I hope those turds are diamond studded. I'll keep trying to knock out quality, doesn't always turn out that way but I give it my best shot.
It was a bit of a learning curve at first but I think i'm getting the hang of it.
Your delegation was beneficial to us both and I thank you again for that, if it works for you i'm in the market for more power with greater returns so cheeky bugger that I am i'll put that out there.
Cheers fella stay safe!

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