Losing Yourself To Pleasing Others Is A Wrong Move

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I tried time and time again to get it right but all to no avail,
They said I smiled too much and called me fake,
So I tried to reduce the way I smile,
Then not long ago,
Some others said I hardly smile and I am like...what am I supposed to do?

I remember been outspoken and straightforward,
I say things how it is and stood by it,
But some people said I do too much that I needed to calm down on things...they said you don't have to be straightforward all the time.

Then I became withdrawn to myself and I alone thinking everything would be fine,
Not until someone said, "you are always indoors by yourself...don't you get tired? You should go out more, talk more and socialize",
At this point it was becoming tiring..

Why are things so complicated? Why are people so complicated?

One of the things I have learnt is that no matter how hard you try...you can never please everyone, the moment you try to do that you may end up loosing yourself in the process. Funny enough, the things people want you to change to isn't for your benefit but for their own satisfaction.

You strive to please others, to fit in, and feel accepted. In spite of that, you still don’t feel accepted, and not because others don’t accept you, but because you haven’t accepted yourself as you are. -- Dragos Bratasanu

When you continue listening and taking in peoples expectations of what they think should be best for you and not what you think is best for you...life becomes suffocating and more stressful than it already is. You may think that if you can please others then they would come to accept and like you....forgetting that in life everyone can not be on your side no matter how good of a person you are.

In life, putting yourself first matters a lot...not for selfish reasons but for reasons that has to do with who you are as a person and your happiness. Don't give away the freedom of being yourself to being a people pleaser, your voice as well as your personality is important.

What people think does not matter. 5 out of 10 people will never be pleased with us, pleasing the remaining 5 will unplease the pleased ones before. Therefore just please yourself and let it go. --- Meeran W. Malik

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Stay Safe And Remain Positive. 💕💕


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Other people suck. That's why I'm glad I'm the best person and why I don't worry about what others think.

Sometimes it may not be so easy for most persons...but not worrying about what other people think is actually the best thing to do. Thank you for your comment. 😀

I have a method. I look at them and see how dumb they are. Then I compare that to how great I am and I laugh at them and continue my life doing as I please.

You wouldn’t believe the things people do to try to upset me. They message me and call me things like “terrorist,” and I’m like are you scared? Or they call me racist things because I’m Cuban and I’m like nope I don’t sunburn when I walk by a window. Sometimes they try to make fun of me for things like being adopted and I’m like LOL I was adopted by rich whites and I’ll burn a voodoo doll made of money in your honor when I inherit.

Remember that other people are retarded and everything just kind of falls into place.

Oh wow...I know people can be too much at times but not letting it get to you "us" is very important. It so sad to hear all of these...if it was some other person that was treated the way you were they might have taken a different road. We all might be different but taking responsibility of out own lives and not letting people get to us for silly reasons is a key thing.

Always REMEMBER TO BE YOU, I always am 🤗

I'd keep that in mind boss...and "yourself" is sure amazing. 😘🤗

I have LONG SINCE stopped trying to please people!!! In fact, I would go as far as to say that my candid honesty generally pisses people off hahaha!!!!! This is a SUPER post hon! Keep being YOU!!!! !tip

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Lol...you got it right, better to please yourself than "piss" yourself. 😁 Thank you for stopping by! 🤗

I agree! If you have lived a life with a few enemies, they say you've lived a meaningful life. Because it meant that you have stood up for your values and what you believe in. To hell with everyone haha, we just got to have our close trusted group.

Absolutely, standing up to your values is very important. Not everyone has your best interest at heart...so one needs to be careful. Thank you for your comment. 🤗

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