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First and foremost, I would have to say that I am excited about the fact that I hit 13k Hive power today! Ever since the chain split from Steem, I have been on a mission to get my Hive power up to 15k.

At first, that looked like a pretty easy task with one of my powered down Steem buying me two to three Hive. Then the value of Hive started to become clear and the price moved past Steem. Great for the Hive blockchain, but not as good for those looking to "token swap".

That reversal forced me to halt my conversion of Steem to Hive for a while and meant I would need to achieve that 15k Hive Power mark in a more organic way.

I am still hoping with a little luck I can hit that 15k mark by the end of Summer. I have faith in the platform and the people, but we all know it is a tough grind.



I've been a fan of these little computing units for quite some time now. Small board computers are starting to become all the rage with the advent of the Raspberry Pi. There are now countless other clones of the Pi and they continue to push the power envelope.

Ultimately, they are always limited by the real estate that they have to work with. That is where the NUC is a nice step up. It is still a fully functional computer with up to an i7 Processor, but it comes in a smaller form factor and uses significantly less power than a traditional desktop.

I am in the process of experimenting with a NUC cluster. I purchased five of them with dual core i3 processors and I am hoping to make a cluster that will allow me to leverage that processing power into the equivalent of eight cores at a lower cost.

Currently, I am running into some issues with the software I was going to use and its incompatibility with the newer hardware I purchased. I am investigating other options and continue to be excited about the potential this has.


I made a pretty extensive post about WAX last week, and here I am talking about it again. I am pretty excited about the potential WAX has with the strategic partnerships they are making. Teaming up with a well established company like TOPPS is one of the smartest moves I think any crypto has made to date.

In the near future there is supposed to be a second set of Garbage Pail Kids being released. Knowing I totally missed the boat the first time around I am hoping to not make that mistake this time.

With golden cards on the market for ~$1000.00 USD, you better believe I will be snagging some of the new mega packs when they become available. Remember, you can easily get yourself started on WAX via their cloud wallet. All you need is an email or social media account and you are good to go. If you want to deal with public and private keys, you definitely can, but the cloud wallet removes that barrier for the people who do not.

So you created your WAX account and bought some GPK packs, what now? Head on over to and complete your set or sell your rare cards for a profit. You own the digital assets, so whatever you do with them is up to you!

That is what I have been excited about lately! How about you? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Congratulations on getting so much closer to your goal on the 15k, advice into other ideas always appreciated.


Thank you!

Congrats on the 13K , especially doing it organically. That is a great accomplishment and something to be proud of :)

Thank you!

Congrats on getting ever-closer to that 15k goal! That sound amazing what you're building there. Will it be used just as a computer or do you plan on mining?

Thank you! I am actually going to use it for BOID. It will be running the BOID client to mine the BOID token in addition to contributing to the IBM World Community Grid via processing power for things like Covid research and mapping cancer markers.

You're welcome! Great use of computing power @bozz!

Congratulations on 13k Hive power my friend

Thank you!

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