1st Malaysian Kaki in HCMC Networking Night

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It's never easy to find fellow comrades when we're in foreign land; but it's very important indeed because somehow it gives a sense of comfort to the what seemed to be a hard and lonely life abroad. I've been in Vietnam for almost 17 months now and at the beginning it was kind of hard since I hardly knew anyone. Having to cope with everything that was new and learning on both culture, work, language, food and etc.. there wasn't time to make friends. I mean who wants to know someone who is so new to this country. Thankfully, I did meet some good Malaysian friends during my first 6 months and eventually, I got around.

Now, it's already 17 months and I'm really glad that I've made my presence felt in this huge community. Somehow, it does pay to be in the hospitality line and having a strong personality like mine, it has its perks. Maybe it's my will for survival that makes me a better person. Recently, I was invited into a Malaysian Kaki in HCMC WhatsApp Chat Group; Boy.. there are so many Malaysians in just HCMC alone. It was nice knowing all these people, of course there are those who have been here like over 20 years while there are others who are like me still very new to this country.


Thanks to a fellow Malaysian who is also a hotelier like me; he helped organised the first ever gathering amongst the Malaysian community. Maybe it's because we've been under lock down for so long and when we finally had the chance to gather, everyone took the opportunity to get out. I know it was the same for me plus it was also a good time to meet other fellow Malaysians whom I've been reading all those messages from the group chat. Definitely a much needed environment so that we could speak our own Manglish Malaysian English, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese but most importantly, having a conversation with multiple languages. That's the beauty of Malaysia; one country filled with different cultures, religion and faith but all living together in peace.


Everyone is definitely in the spirit of One Malaysia or some call it Malaysia Boleh ! One thing about us being away is that we are more united than ever, no politics come in between us unlike back home. Instead that is probably the last thing on our mind. We take care of each other and lend a helping hand to whomever who needs it.


I'm really glad that I found a new group of friends here. It really makes the days goes by so much more easier. I'm sure we would have more chance to catch up now that we know each other by name and face. can't wait for our next catch up😆

Btw, we actually had another 2 more catch ups and it was so much fun. That story is for another day to share and post


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