Sublime Beautiful Sunday | Walkabout in Vincom after 3 months

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It's Sunday... And it's time for another Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday. So, I'm trying something new this week. Something out of the box, something different, something wild, something odd and who knows where this Sunday will lead us.

It's been slightly over 3 months since my last visit to Vincom Dong Khoi. Somehow with all the lock down, it became a norm to stay home and going out no longer interest me. Then again, I wanted to explore this mall since getting some outdoor window shopping sounds like a good idea.


This was taken last weekend and though we didn't really have to wear mask, it became a norm at least for me, especially in a crowded open area like these. It's really sad to see how empty the malls are nowadays. Guess more and more people are conducting online shopping for their own safety. Those days, it was more of a trend. What's to happen to these stores? Won't be surprised if one by one they start to close down just like the ones we've been reading on the news. Retail stores will suffer and eventually close down ?


Even with signages of 50% sales doesn't seemed to do the trick of captivating any passerby to drop in. Everyone is saving up just in case the rainy days gets longer and worst than expected. I know I try to manage my expenses better nowadays as well though eating home alone can be depressing at times.


This is the view from the top floor of Vincom Mall. I stood here for quite a while and all this time, there was hardly anybody walking around. Perhaps later in the midday, the crowds will come and these retail stores will have some business at least. It's too make-belief, I know. From the looks of it, this will be the new norm where lesser and lesser people comes to these stores or mall. Unless they are here for the air-conditioning 🙄


#SublimeSunday is inspired by @c0ff33a while #BeautifulSunday is initiated by @ace108. Both of whom share similar wonderful thoughts of how Sundays should be for all of us.

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I guess, it will really take some more time before things go back to the way they were (if that can really still happen!). True, shopping has evolved dramatically to online shopping. Lots of businesses have been hit hard, people lost jobs, and more. Hayyy, pandemic. What have you done?😩

If only it could answer us, maybe giving us a heads up would be a great idea

I think our malls are different this week. I heard they are quite crowded. I think I'll try to check out some other time

Guess everyone is ever so eager to go back to a some what normal life

The wearing mask life. Scary thing is people start to gather at the food centre sharing food.
So, they don't wear masks when when eating and all talking into the food they are sharing.